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Career Advice: Students Having A Productive Job Search

Written by The Sports Intern

Our own Manager of Marketing and Brand Development, Sheryl Hunt, was quoted in The Sports Intern blog, here’s what she had to say about students taking on a job search.

“Aside from the obvious leveraging of all the known sources to locate jobs; I think that students in a position to conduct either paid or unpaid internships at companies that they would like to work at OR in positions they would like to gain experience is a good road to go.

Also, when accepting a “minimum wage” or entry level job – try to ensure that the skills attained in that position could positively translate into a future desired role – in other words have some strategy behind any work related decisions in terms of building a path forward.

When approaching a company – go prepared – research the company and culture as much as possible, connect via LinkedIn if possible (BE ON LINKEDIN!), go prepared with a presentation aimed towards solving a potential problem the prospective employer (paid or unpaid) might have. Be on time, well dressed, prepared and well presented (grooming, posture, body language, smile, listen). These seem like simple tips, but most miss on these points in my experience.”