Carleton Ravens Ready To Take On Rivals Ottawa Gee-Gees

Written by Julianne, Women's Hockey Life


Since this is my first blog post, I figured I should start with a little bit about myself. I am currently living in Ottawa and studying journalism and law at Carleton University. I’m hoping to get into law school in a few years and get my law degree (meaning I have many more years of school in my future, if all goes according to plan). I also play defence for Carleton’s women’s hockey team. I am originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and all of my family still live out East. I’ve been moving back and forth between Ontario and Nova Scotia since I was 14, as I left my family behind in 2008 to go to Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario (a boarding school, attended for grades 9 to 12).

The start of my third year at Carleton has been… pretty crazy! Journalism at Carleton has always had a reputation of being the ‘crazy busy, work your butt off’ program, and I didn’t fully believe that reputation until this year. Free time isn’t a concept that I am familiar with this anymore! I’m taking a full course load (five courses) and have registered to write the LSAT’s (Law School Admission Test) in December, which requires months of studying and a few day-long training courses. I am also working one or two days a week at the Journalism library on campus, cataloguing newspapers, sorting books, that sort of thing. I’ve always been the type of person that can handle being busy but this semester might be pushing it a bit!

In terms of hockey, this year is off to a good start so far. We started training camp/tryouts in the last week of August and have been going steady ever since. We practice five times a week and usually play one game a week, so our schedule can get pretty exhausting at times. Our first season game is on October 18 against the Ottawa Gee-Gees (our rivals) and we are all pretty excited for that. We also have a new coach this year, which has been going very well so far…

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