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eSports Weekly Recap: November 1-7

Written by Ravens eSports Content Team

League of Legends vs York University

The Ravens complete the comeback against the Lions and win 2-1!

The Ravens won on Monday, November 1st against the Lions. The Ravens battled hard in each game, worked together are won when it mattered most to complete the comeback and take the W 2-1 over the York University Lions.

They play next against Durham Lords on Monday, November 8th.

Overwatch vs University of Toronto

Ravens Fall 2-0 in a Hard-Fought Battle

The Ravens lost on Tuesday, November 2nd against UofT. round 1 in game 1 did not go as planned for the Ravens as UofT was able to stop them from even getting 1% on the objective. Round 2 was in the Ravens favor they came out hard showing just how good they are as a team. The Ravens got 57% early on the objective before running into some trouble and UofT coming out with round 2 and taking game 1 to go up 1-0. Round 1 in game 2 the Ravens make a substitution “Fishnit” subbing in for “AxelPaxel” to see if it can make a difference against UofT. From the moment they were released the Ravens were able to secure the objective and begin to move the payload. The Ravens battled their way to get the checkpoint in the round, but UofT’s defense was too strong. Round 2 of game 2 UofT push hard securing the payload, reaching the checkpoint as well as delivering the payload to win the round and the game 2-0.

Highlight of the game from “Duckl3t” as (JunkRat) (34:55) with a beautiful ariel elimination showing perfect accuracy to help secure the objective and begin their push!

They play next against Trent Excalibur on Thursday, November 11th.

Valorant vs Trent Excalibur

Ravens bounce back to sweep Trent 2-0

The Ravens won on Wednesday, against opponent Trent in straight rounds. The Ravens were firing on all cylinders coming out of their bye week. This victory comes after a difficult loss to Waterloo two weeks prior. The Ravens will look to keep the momentum up as they move on to their next game.

With the win the Ravens are now 2-1. They play the Laurier Golden Hawks on November the 10th.

Rocket League vs Trent Excalibur

The Ravens won on November 3rd, against the Trent Excalibur.

The Ravens had a slow start by losing 2-0 to the Excalibur, however bounced back with the same score of 2-0 making it even after two rounds. In the third round of the game, the Ravens dominated with a huge score of 5-1. In the fourth round, the Ravens fell to the Excalibur with a heavy defeat of 4-1, tying up the total score to 2-2. With the fifth and last round, the game was all for grabs for both teams. The decisive fifth round game ended 3-3 in regular time which made overtime intense. Fortunately, the Ravens scored 6 minutes 31 seconds into overtime to beat the Excalibur. The final overall score ended 3-2 to the Ravens.

The Carleton Ravens will play Laurier Golden Hawks on November 10th.