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ESPORTS | Carleton Ravens Hearthstone team goes international

Photo by Quadufu/TESPA Carleton

OTTAWA, Ontario — The Carleton Ravens Hearthstone team is batting in an international collegiate esports tournament this month. The team was accepted in to the Collegiate Varsity Network where they will face varsity esports teams from across the United States.

The competition comprises of weekly matches throughout October and into November. Presently, the Ravens are in the middle of the pack with a 3-1 record. Team captain Derek Wilson says the tournament is imperative to gaining valuable competition experience.

“In terms of the level of competition, you’re getting varsity-supported schools from all over North America. Nearly all of the best American colleges and universities compete in these tournaments. That being said,” Wilson adds, “Canadian schools are noticeably absent from these tournaments since most of them do not have school support for their esports programs, a requirement to participate in the varsity division.”

If the world of esports is to gain prominence in Canada, Wilson says major international competitions work to showcase the talent that is growing across the country.

“I think the most significant part of being a part of this competition is to showcase Canadian schools in the collegiate esports scene. We’re way behind American schools in terms of our esports programs, so there’s a lot of catching up to do, and one of the best ways to do that is to go win competitions, which is exactly what we plan on doing.”

Wilson adds that beyond the exposure and experience that tournaments like this bring to the team, the competitions also have financial incentives for performance in the form of scholarships, meaning higher placement at these competitions goes a long way to helping the individual students with the costs of their education.

The Ravens will continue their quest for the tournament championship in the next round of matches beginning October 27.