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Ravens Nordic Ski team competes at Eastern Canadian Championships

Written by Taylor Prichard, Sports Information with contribution from Zoë Williams, Carleton Nordic Skiing

Photo by Valerie Wutti

(CANTLEY, QC) — The Carleton Ravens competed at the Haywood NorAm Eastern Canadian Championships – the largest Cross Country Ski competition in Canada – from February 5 to February 7, 2016 at Nakkertok Cross Country Ski Club.

Trails were in peak condition despite heavy snowfall just a few days prior to the start of the event. Over fifty volunteers spent time shoveling snow for excellent coverage, providing the racers with optimal conditions throughout the three days.

Men’s Results:

Long Distance (20 km)

Carleton Nordic skiers earned mixed results on the course. In the men’s 4x5km (20 km) Fresh Air Long Distance race, Carrington Pomeroy (Chelsea, QC) finished 36th (2nd place in the university category) in a combined time of 57:53.03.

Ravens Men’s Results: 20 km Fresh Air Long Distance
Patrick Van Walraven – 50th (1:01:00), Chris Weller – 56th (1:01:37), Brendon Howard – 58th (1:01:58), Nelson Allan – 60th (1:02:14), Timothy Austen – 65th (1:02:58), Avery Vreugdenhil-Beauclerc – 71st (1:04:31), Graham Perry – 90th (1:10:47) and Bruce Laurich – 111th (1:24:47).

Short Distance (15 km)

In the Cyclery Short Distance course 3×5 km(15 km), Carleton’s Ryan Jackson (Barrie, ON) finished the men’s Open/Junior A category in 3rd place with a time of 37:08:02, just 9.6 seconds behind the top finisher.

In the men’s Open/Senior 15 km Free race, Carrington Pomeroy continued to distinguish himself with a 28th place showing in a time of 0:37:58.

Sprint Final Heats (1.5 km)

Ryan Jackson finished the Open/Junior A category in 3rd place with a time of 03:22:74, while Carrington Pomeroy finished 32nd in the Open/Senior category in a time of 03:23:19. Another notable result in the men’s category was Brendon Howard (Kanata, ON) who won the Junior men’s B final (7th overall).

Women’s Results:

Long Distance (15 km)

In the women’s 3x5km (15 km) Fresh Air Long Distance race, first-year Nordic skier Zoë Williams (Cantley, QC) paced her team with a 16th place finish (4th in the Junior category) in a time of 0:50:39. Zoë Williams and Alex Slobodian placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the university category as well as Emilie Stewart-Jones, Emily Jones and Adrienne Hynes who rounded out the top ten.

Ravens Women’s Results: 15 km Fresh Air Long Distance
Alex Slobodian – 26th (0:53:33), Emilie Stewart-Jones – 31st (0:55:15), Emily Jones – 35th (0:55:39), Adrienne Hynes – 36th (0:56:07), Lauran Inkila – 37th (0:56:07), Logan Hong- 41st (0:57:34), Alyssa Stowe – 44th (0:58:12), Isabelle Maclean – 46th (0:58:56) and Anna Mallory – 59th (1:10:03).

Short Distance (10 km)

On the women’s side Carleotn place six racers in the university top ten including Zoë Williams, Alex Slobodian, Alyssa Stowe, Laura Inkila, Emily Jones, and Logan Hong. Zoë Williams once again led the way for the Ravens in the Open/Junior A 10km race, finishing in 6th place with a time of 0:29:56.

The women’s Senior/Open Cyclerly Short Distance course saw Alex Slobodian (Stittsville, ON) earn a 17th place finish in a time of 0:31:20. Carleton Nordic skiers Isabelle Maclean (23rd), Adrienne Hynes (28th), and Anna Mallory (36th) all competed as well.

Sprint Final Heats (1.4 km)

In the sprint categories, Carleton faired well as Zoë Williams finished the 1.4 km Open/Junior A category in 3rd position with a time of 0:03:34.

Emilie Stewart-Jones (Chelsea, QC) had the best 1.4 km sprint time for the Ravens in the Open/Senior category with an 18th place showing in a time of 0:03:52.
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OUA Nordic Skiing Championships hosted by Carleton University
Friday, February 19 – Sunday, February 21, 2016
Nakkertok Cross Country Club – Cantley, QC

Carrington Pomeroy - 2nd place University Category Eastern Canadian Championships

Carrington Pomeroy (left) finishes in 2nd place in the university category Eastern Canadian Championships in Cantley, QC