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FIGURE SKATING: Cousineau stars for Ravens on Day 1 of OUA Championship

Written by University of Western Ontario

Photo by OUA

ALYMER, Ont. – Day one of the OUA Figure Skating Championship is in the books, and the host Western Mustangs hold down first place after winning four events at the East Elgin Community Complex.

Through eight events the Mustangs top the team standings with 47 points, followed by the defending champion Toronto Varsity Blues with 39, and 26 points from the Guelph Gryphons.

The Mustangs wrapped up the day in impressive fashion, winning gold in four of the final five events. Natalie Li began Western’s gold medal run by winning the Women’s Gold Freeskate before Denis Margilak followed up with a win in the Men’s Freeskate.

The duos of Emily Bird and Nicole Lawson and Alexa Shelley and Jazz Smyl Joly rounded out the gold medal winners for the home side, claiming first in the Women’s Junior Silver Similar Dance and Women’s Senior Silver Similar Dance, respectively.

Four different teams won the other four events held on Tuesday, with the Guelph Gryphons, Carleton Ravens, Ryerson Rams, and Brock Badgers each capturing a gold medal.

Amanda Cousineau started the day off strong for the Ravens, taking first in the Women’s Starskate 10. The Gryphons were the next team to hit the top of the podium with Jade Morrow, Andrew McDonald, Julia Cenedese, and Lauren Mack winning Dance Fours.

Katie Desveaux and Emily Albrecht picked up gold for Brock in the Women’s Open Short Dance, while Netta Schreiber won the Women’s Novice Short Program for Ryerson.

Day two of the OUA Figure Skating Championship gets underway at 8 a.m. on Wednesday with the Women’s Senior Similar Pairs starting things off at the East Elgin Community Complex.

Day One Team Standings:
Western – 47 points
Toronto – 39
Guelph – 26
McMaster – 22
Brock – 21
Queen’s – 20
Ryerson – 18
Carleton – 11
Waterloo – 2 

Women’s Starskate 10
1. Amanda Cousineau – Carleton
2. Alexa Leitch – Brock
3. Elena Koning – Queen’s

 Dance Fours
1. Jade Morrow, Andrew McDonald, Julia Cenedese, Lauren Mack – Guelph
2. Denis Margalik, Abigail Hensen, Samantha Heard, Jazz Smyl Joly – Western
3. Jessica Wiskar, Brooke Purdom, Brodie Moss, Aimee Collins – McMaster

 Women’s Open Short Dance
1. Katie Desveaux, Emily Albrecht – Brock
2. Melissa Eratostene, Jessica Reid – Toronto
3. Jade Morrow, Julia Cenedese – Guelph

Women’s Gold Freeskate
1. Natalie Li – Western
2. Christina Liao – Toronto
3. Olivia Stallaert – Guelph

 Men’s Freeskate
1. Denis Margalik – Western
2. Chris Berneck – Ryerson
3. Tommy Tang – Toronto

 Women’s Novice Short Program
1. Netta Schreiber – Ryerson
2. Keiko Marshall – Toronto
3. Louise Hains – McMaster

 Women’s Junior Silver Similar Dance
1. Emily Bird, Nicole Lawson – Western
2. Charlotte Lawson, Brittaney Everitt – Queen’s
3. Chyna Hui, Maggie Chen – Toronto

 Women’s Senior Silver Similar Dance
1. Alexa Shelley, Jazz Smyl Joly – Western
2. Emma Neilsen, Mara Spence – Queen’s
3. Emma Jianopoulos, Keiko Marshall – Toronto