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MSOC PREVIEW | Ravens look to trust process and build on 2017 season

Written by Mitchell Dick

Photo by Valerie Wutti

Less than a year removed from their 6th place finish at the USPORTS national championships, the Carleton Ravens men’s soccer team will start their 2018 season on the road against Laurentian on Saturday, August 25 at 2:15pm.

While it may be easy to set expectations for a repeat of their success last year, Head Coach Kwesi Loney warns his team has changed since 2017.

“From one year to the next you mature as a group, you change as a group and things around you change. We’ve changed as a group and now the biggest thing for us right now is to adapt to each other, adapt to new players and just get back to who we were.”

As far as results are concerned, the Ravens would love to dominate the OUA East and earn a national championship berth, as they did in 2017, but that’s not what they’re focused on. Loney says his team’s philosophy centers on the everyday aspects of being ready to play at a high level.

“We want to stress the process. We want to have positive training sessions, positive execution and we hope the results to come from that.  We don’t want to talk about the results as much this year as the process to get there and right now we’re a work in progress. We open up the season this weekend and we’re hoping to get off on the right foot.”

Turning his sights to the season opening road trip, Loney sees room for improvement in key areas.

“We have to be a lot stronger defensively, particularly when it comes to set pieces. We’re conceding too many right now. That to me is just about work ethic and wanting to win the ball one on one. But it’s also just playing more together as a team. The more we can get together on the field and in practice sessions we’ll become better. Right now it’s just one thing at a time.”

The Ravens filled the back of the net against Laurentian in 2017 and look to keep the offensive momentum. They got past the Voyageurs 6-0 at home and 3-1 on the road last year.

2017 Key Stats:

Record: 13-1-2
Standings: 1st in OUA East
Goals: 59
Goals against: 10

Key additions:

  • Kelly Lowry
  • Joseph Vinson
  • Tony MIkhael

Key returning players:

  • Tristan St. Pierre
  • Emad Houache
  • Dario Conte
  • Dante Cobisa
  • Nick Jeffs