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NEWS | Ravens Hall of Fame adds 5 new members

Written by Mitchell Dick

Photo by Valerie Wutti

OTTAWA, Ontario – The night was filled with vibrant trips down memory lane as the Ravens Hall of Fame welcomed five new inductees on Thursday evening. Under the categories Athlete and Builder, five Ravens alums were inducted into the Ravens Hall of Fame for having made significant contributions as student- athletes in varsity competition as well as raising the profile of Carleton Athletics.

Newly inducted Ravens soccer alum Earl Cochrane says the evening was a great opportunity to reconnect.”I don’t get a chance often enough to see the guys and I don’t get a chance to come back to this campus enough. And to be here over the next couple of days to reminisce, it makes you remember those 4 or 5 years and how important they were to the foundation of your development in so many different ways.”

Cochrane adds his time as a Raven was filled with incredible memories on and off the pitch. “I remember being with the guys in the locker room. I remember being on buses with them, playing cards on the bus after long road trips. It’s more about the relationships you build and the time you spend together. Those are the things you can’t forget and never will forget.”

He’s impressed with how much Carleton Athletics has grown since his playing years. “It’s insanity. I thank everything that’s going on with the athletic program here, for what they’ve done for the university, for the campus, and for what they’ve done to make alumni incredibly proud of where we’ve come from. It’s phenomenal. It’s world class.”

Five athletes in total were inducted, spanning generations of Ravens varsity athletics.


Earl Cochrane – Men’s Soccer 1989-1993 – Athlete

Terry McCarthy – Men’s Hockey 1969-1972 – Athlete

Harry Van Hofwegen – Football 1993-1996 – Athlete

Mariane White (Illing) – Water Polo 1999-2002 – Athlete

Robert Laughton – Men’s Basketball 1956-1959 – Athlete/Builder