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FIGURE | Ravens land on podium at OUA championships

Written by OUA

Photo by Queen's Athletics

KINGSTON, Ont. (February 12, 2019) – The Toronto Varsity Blues pulled through on the final day of competition to win their fourth consecutive OUA figure skating championship as the competition wrapped up at the Invista Centre in Kingston on Wednesday afternoon.

Entering the final day trailing the Western Mustangs by just six points, the Varsity Blues paved their comeback trail starting the second day with a silver medal in the Open Rhythm Dance, a bronze medal in the Star 10 free skate and a gold in the Dance Fours. The Mustangs took a gold medal of their own in the Gold Freeskate thanks to an incredible performance from Natalie Li, leaving Western just four points behind Toronto heading into the final event the Synchro.

Toronto once again was able to finish strong, pulling out a gold medal performance ensuring the OUA banner for another season with a gold in the Synchro. Western took home the overall silver medal, and the McMaster Marauders picked up the bronze fending off the host Gaels down the stretch of the final day.

Western’s head coach Alma Moir was named the OUA coach of the year during the awards ceremony.

Toronto finished day two with two gold, two silver and one bronze bringing their championship total medal haul to 13 in 14 events.

Day two action also saw gold medals for Guelph’s Intermediate Similar Pairs of Carling Allen and Natalie Savor, Ryerson’s Star 10 Freeskater Kaitlyn Wilson and Carleton’s Open Rhythm Dance duo of Vanessa Chartrand and Hannah Whitley.

Toronto’s Hanna Broker and Jessica Reid each added gold and silver on Wednesday while Melanie Zavitski added another gold to her total. All three also picked up golds in the Synchro.


Star 10 Similar Dance

  1. Western (Alexa Shelley, Jazz Smyl Joly) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Toronto (Stephanie Carroll, Emma Jianopolous)
  3. McMaster (Sarah Raynsford, Emma Curtis)

Gold Solo Dance

  1. Western (Jazz Smyl Joly) – OUA All-Star
  2. Toronto (Emma Jianopolous)
  3. McMaster (Emma Bonafiglia)

Freeskate Fours

  1. Western (Clara Campbell, Paige Cooper, Natalie Li, Madison Shaw) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Queen’s (Charlotte Lawson, Cheryl Lin, Leah Monette, Anastasia Paspalofski)
  3. Toronto (Felicia Bonitatibus, Rachel Greben, Keiko Marshall, Melanie Zavitski)

Open Men Freeskate

  1. Western (Denis Margalik) – OUA All-Star
  2. Ryerson (Chris Berneck)
  3. Toronto (Ehren Chang)

Star 10 Solo Dance

  1. McMaster (Belvina Mao) – OUA All-Star
  2. Toronto (Chyna Hui)
  3. Western (Anna Cappuccitti)

Novice Short Program

  1. Toronto (Keiko Marshall) – OUA All-Star
  2. McMaster (Isabella Mancini)
  3. Western (Clara Campbell)

Star 8/9 Similar Dance

  1. Western (Emily Bird, Anna Cappuccitti) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Toronto (Chyna Hui, Melanie Zavitski)
  3. Queen’s (Brittaney Everitt, Charlotte Lawson)

Senior Similar Pairs

  1. Toronto (Morgan Garland, Melanie Zavitski) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Western (Natalie Li, Madison Shaw)
  3. McMaster (Gabrielle LeDonne, Jessica Wiskar)

Open Rhythm Dance

  1. Carleton (Vanessa Chartrand, Hannah Whitley) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Toronto (Hanna Broker, Jessica Reid)
  3. Queen’s (Stephanie Collier, Mara Spence)

Star 10 Freeskate

  1. Ryerson (Kaitlyn Wilson) – OUA All-Star
  2. Guelph (Paige Charbonneau)
  3. Toronto (Gloria Gao)

Dance Fours

  1. Toronto (Emma Jianopolous, Stephanie Carroll, Hanna Broker, Jessica Reid) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Ryerson (Chris Berneck, Rebecca Bourgeois, Briar Koski, Isabella Larkin)
  3. Queen’s (Haley Adams, Stephanie Collier, Anna Ljungberg, Mara Spence)

Intermediate Similar Pairs

  1. Guelph (Carling Allen, Natalie Savor) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Carleton (Carolyn Hall, Amanda Cousineau)
  3. Queen’s (Brianna Kaplanis, Elena Koning)

Gold Freeskate

  1. Western (Natalie Li) – OUA All-Star
  2. Toronto (Rachel Greben)
  3. Waterloo (Jocelyn Wong)


  1. Toronto
  2. Western
  3. Ryerson


  1. Toronto – 95
  2. Western – 88
  3. McMaster – 44
  4. Queen’s – 38
  5. Ryerson – 32
  6. Guelph – 31
  7. Carleton – 27
  8. Brock – 18
  9. Waterloo – 8