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CURL | Ravens take home U SPORTS national championship banner

Written by U SPORTS

Photo by U SPORTS

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick – The Laurentian Voyageurs won the 2019 U SPORTS women’s curling championship, while the Carleton Ravens captured the men’s title.

Laurentian’s Kira Brunton had to draw to the button in the 10th end to beat Brock’s Terri Weeks 7-5.

Cameron Goodkey’s Ravens scored three in the eighth end on route to a 10-4 win over Memorial’s Greg Blyde.

Schedule and Results

In the women’s final, Brunton stole three in the opening end and then limited Weeks’ opportunities through the end.

Brock was able to score two in the third, but the teams would trade singles the rest of the way.

“It feels great,” said Brunton. “We knew the path really well and the girls had judged it a few times and we’d thrown it, so I was confident in it and I was confident in my girls.”

The Ravens used the hammer to score a single in the opening end before taking two in the third, fifth and sixth ends.

Carleton’s three in the eighth prompted the Sea-Hawks to shake hands.

It’s the first men’s national curling championship for the Ravens.

“It’s been the goal for the past three years, so to get there feels really good,” said Goodkey adding the single in the first end set the tone and his steal of two in the sixth end proved to be a turning point.

“Steals don’t come easy. We set that end up nice, and fortunately got a good miss from him.”

In the bronze medal games, the Alberta Golden Bears scored a 7-3 win over the Dalhousie Tigers to finish third on the men’s side, while Dalhousie’s Kaitlyn Jones scored one in the 10th end to beat Queen’s 6-5 for third in the women’s tournament.



1 Dalhousie Tigers (6-1)

2 Queen’s Gaels (5-2)

3 Brock Badgers (5-2)

4 Laurentian Voyageurs (5-2)

5 Alberta Pandas (4-3)

6 Mount Allison Mounties (2-5)

7 UNB Reds (1-6)

8 Regina Cougars (0-7)


1 Dalhousie Tigers (6-1)

2 Carleton Ravens (5-2)

3 Alberta Golden Bears (5-2)

4 Memorial Sea-Hawks (4-3)

5 UNB Reds (3-4)

6 Western Mustangs (3-4)

7 Brock Badgers (2-5)

8 Lethbridge Pronghorns (0-7)



(1) Dalhousie 2, (4) Laurentian 8

(2) Queen’s 5, (3) Brock 6


(1) Dalhousie 3, (4) Memorial 10

(2) Carleton 8, (3) Alberta 6



Final: (3) Brock 5 vs (4) Laurentian 7

Bronze: (1) Dalhousie 6, (2) Queen’s 5


Final: (2) Carleton 10 vs (4) Memorial 4

Bronze: (1) Dalhousie 3, (3) Alberta 7



First Team All-Canadians

Lead: Kristin Clarke, Dalhousie

Second: Karlee Burgess, Dalhousie

Third: Calli Barclay, Queen’s

Skip: Terri Weeks, Brock

Second Team All-Canadians

Lead: Jillian Crandall, UNB

Second: Kate Goodhelpsen, Alberta

Third: Lauren Lenentine, Dalhousie

Skip: Kaitlyn Jones, Dalhousie

Fox 40 Coach of the Year: Scott Davey, Queen’s

R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award: Mary Fay, Queen’s


First Team All-Canadians

Lead:  Doug Thomson, Brock

Second: Jeffrey Meagher, Dalhousie

Third: Mackenzie Calwell, Carleton

Skip: Karsten Sturmay, Alberta

Second Team All-Canadians

Lead: Andrew Berg, Western

Second: Morgan Calwell, Carleton

Third: Chris Kennedy, Alberta

Skip: Cameron Goodkey, Carleton

Fox 40 Coach of the Year: Dennis Bruce, Memorial

R.W. Pugh Fair Play Award: Ward Marshall, Lethbridge