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CURL | Defending national champion Ravens return from high performance program

Written by Kassia Skorzewska

OTTAWA, Ontario -Starting this season, the Ravens will be curling as Team Goodkey as part of the Ontario Curling Council as a U25 team, as well as competing at other competitions as the Carleton Ravens.

“Being selected as one of the OCC’s Next Gen program teams we will have the opportunity to work will highly skilled coaches around Ontario to develop our mental, physical and technical skills for the upcoming season,” Cameron Goodkey said.

As a result of applying for the Next Gen program, Team Goodkey was invited to a high-performance development camp during the weekend of Aug. 23rd.

“A couple of them made significant adjustments to their delivery, which is the act of throwing rocks in various ways. A couple of them made significant adjustments that they were able then to apply through time on the ice to try and internalize it,” Ravens head coach Tom Sinclair said about what the team learned.

“The other thing they got to do was test both their physical baseline testing right now with a fitness trainer, as well as they tested their sweeping effectiveness, and they worked on a few things such as some conversations on nutrition and other things,” he added.

Another benefit that comes out of attending the Next Gen camp, is that Team Goodkey has received some monetary funding for their season.

“We got some monetary support that we will be able to use to access a very high-level coach in our area to provide some feedback on to what we’re doing when we’re playing during the season at a couple of events,” Sinclair said.

“We also decided to target it towards some support for entry fees to competitions, and also to a physical trainer, so, we’re going to have individual fitness plans, workout plans that are going to be designed for the curlers and trying to let them develop further as curlers and as athletes going forward,” he added.

This season, Team Goodkey will be competing at various men’s competitions in hopes of making it to the Ontario Tankard, which is the qualifier for the Tim Hortons Curling Brier. And when they’re competing as the Carleton Ravens, they will be competing for the chance to try to repeat as national champions which would, in turn, qualify them for the World Universiade.

“The things that we learned at the camp will definitely help us throughout the year. We have already seen great improvements in our abilities this early in the season and we look forward to growing on it more through the rest of the season,” Goodkey said about how the skills learned at the will be applied to the team’s curling.

In terms of the overall experience the team had at the high-performance camp, Goodkey said it was great.

“We were able to take so much advice and knowledge back with us that will help us grow as curlers. Our biggest take away from the weekend would be the ability to refine our technical skills and ensure we have a good base for the rest of the season,” Goodkey said.

And in terms of the upcoming season and games, Goodkey hopes that the team can compete well and make it back to U SPORTS nationals.

“With our main goal being to win U SPORTS again, we are all looking forward to having the chance to do so again. We are looking forward to playing in all our events and hopefully performing well in all of them but with our main goal being to represent Carleton well at U SPORTS,” Goodkey said.