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RGBY | Ravens fall to Laval in last regular season home game

Written by Kassia Skorzewska

Photo by Marc Lafleur

OTTAWA, Ontario – On Sept. 22, the Carleton Ravens women’s rugby team dropped a 40-0 decision to the Laval Rouge et Or. the Ravens kept Laval off the scoreboard in the first half, as both teams walked off the fields scoreless.

“We went 0-0, there was a lot of momentum, we were really aggressive on defence and it forced a lot of turnovers, we really shook Laval,” Ravens Scrum Half Roberta Drummond said.

“You could tell that when they got off the bus, they weren’t ready to play,” she added.

Following halftime, Laval increased momentum and would go on to score six unanswered tries, with five of their conversion kicks being successful.

“Laval is a team, which, once they get momentum, they keep rolling, and we didn’t really adjust the way we should have against them,” Drummond said.

Despite dropping the game, the Ravens are taking positives from the first half and the way they played.

“Our goal was to play rugby in Laval’s half. So, it’s dangerous to play rugby in your own half because turnovers happen, penalties happen, you can lose the ball, so we really tried to kick a lot. So, we kicked from nine and we kicked from ten to try to play rugby in Laval’s half and force the turnovers,” Drummond said about the team’s game plan.

Ravens head coach Pat Thompson also touched upon the positives of the first half.

“It was a 0-0 game at half against a very tough, well coached Laval team, and we’re happy with that. It’s a matter of figuring out now, how do we replicate that in the second half,” Thompson said.

The game was also the team’s final home game of the regular season.

“It’s awesome. It’s an unbelievable feeling playing at home. Nothing is better. You run out of the Ice House and everyone’s cheering for you, everyone here is on your side,” Drummond said about the atmosphere of playing at home.

“So, it’s great when you’re on the field especially when something goes wrong or you have the momentum. And everyone in the stands is cheering for you, so, that’s really, really important,” she added.

With the regular season coming to a close in two weeks, the Ravens will look to get their first win of the season as they travel to Sherbrooke to face off against the Vert et Or next weekend.

“Obviously, we realize what position we’re in and how we need to adjust, and we’ve been gradually building all season, so we’re kind of at the part of the season where we need to start peaking,” Drummond said.

“And we did that in our first half, so we have to regroup by watching film, correcting what went wrong in the second half, and trying to go upwards,” she added.


Defence – Zoe Totten-Coulter

Attack – Kaitlyn Cox