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WHKY | Hachez faces off against sister and former team

Written by Kassia Skorzewska

Photo by Marc Lafleur

OTTAWA, Ontario – The Carleton Ravens women’s hockey team opened up their pre-season with a 4-3 win over the John Abbott College Islanders on Sept. 1.

Throughout the game, Hannah Unis-Thibault, Megan Wilson, Jenna Mitchell and Hannah Dinovitzer scored for the Ravens, while Laurie Hachez, Audrey Gervais, and Maya Labad scored for the Islanders.

The game also gave Ravens forward Sandrine Hachez the chance to face off against her former team as well as her sister Laurie.

“It was a nice throwback, I would say. It was hard, I knew what to expect, they’re a hard team to play against, but it was a fun competition,” Hachez said.

Similar to Hachez, Angelina Callocchia also got the chance to face off against her former team.

“It’s always nice to play against your former team, playing against friends. And Hachez, her sister plays for them, so, it’s always nice to play against your former team and former coaches,” Ravens head coach Pierre Alain said.

Callocchia and Hachez both began playing for John Abbott in the 2015-16 season, and would go on to play for the Islanders for three seasons.

While on the Islanders, Callocchia played in 71 games, recording three goals and six assists for nine points, while Hachez played in 63 games, recording 18 goals and 11 assists for 29 points.

Hachez’s sister Laurie would later join the Islanders at the start of the 2017-18 season, and has so far played in 46 games, recording 13 goals and 12 assists for 25 points.

“They’re both really fast players, so they have that in common. They both play with a lot of speed and intensity, so that’s a great similarity that they have. Honestly, playing with both of them has been a privilege, they’re both really great players,” Callocchia said.

Getting the chance to play against John Abbott not only gave Hachez the chance to play against her sister, it also gave her the chance to watch her sister play.

“To be more poised with the puck. She’s really good at being relaxed, and I’m more freaking out when I have the puck, so, that’s a thing I’m learning from her,” Hachez said about Laurie’s style of play.

While playing for John Abbott, Hachez experienced a bond with her sister not a lot of sisters get to experience.

“I think the couple games that we played on the same line was a really great experience to make plays together. And with the sister chemistry, I didn’t have to look and I knew she was there somehow, so, it’s a cool feeling,” Hachez said.

Despite the fact Hachez is now on the Ravens, watching her sister take on the leadership role for John Abbott has been special for her.

“Watching her having fun, and being confident about the puck, and being one of the leaders of this team that I was before, just seeing her take my spot in a way,” Hachez said.


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