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WHKY | New Ravens recruit building chemistry despite exhibition loss

Written by Kassia Skorzewska

Photo by Marc Lafleur

OTTAWA, Ontario – The Carleton Ravens women’s hockey team was defeated 3-1 by the Kingston Jr. Ice Wolves of the Provincial Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) in their second game of their exhibition schedule.

Alexa Pongo and Kiara Zannon scored for the Ice Wolves, while Rachel Knee scored for the Ravens.

Not only did the game give new recruit Jordyn Pimm the chance to build more chemistry with her new teammates, it gave her the chance to play with her former Ottawa Lady Senators teammate Leah Scott again. Scott didn’t play in the Ravens exhibition opener.

“It’s nice. Because it’s finally someone who has gone through the same coaching that I’ve had, so, it’s like seeing an old friend kind of thing. We were pretty close when we were playing together,” Scott said.

“And it’s also nice because I know where she’s going to be on the ice, so getting the chance to be on her line for the PK a bit there, I think we communicate well without having to say anything,” she added.

Pimm was highly sought after by Ravens head coach Pierre Alain. Prior to going to Lindenwood for her NCAA career, Alain tried to recruit Pimm right from high school.

“When she called me in December saying ‘Pierre, I would love to join the team I’m doing a master’s degree here,’ I said ‘you know what, I liked you four years ago, I still like you, so why don’t you join the team?’ so I was very happy to have her,” Alain said.

While at Lindenwood, Pimm would play in 87 games, recording three goals and two assists for five points.

Following her time there, Pimm decided to call up Alain and see if she could play on the Ravens as she completed her masters at Carleton while at the same time, reuniting with Scott.

“He was really gracious and still remained confident in me despite the fact that I initially didn’t come to Carleton as a freshman, and so that was really comforting,” Pimm recalled.

While Scott has noticed growth in Pimm’s performance since they last played together, Pimm has also noticed growth in Scott’s performance and confidence.

“It’s been awhile, but she definitely seems so sure of herself. Even today, in the final minutes of the game, despite the fact that we were down, she was going hard to the net and trying to get us a goal,” Pimm said.

“And she has a lot of confidence not only on the ice, but with the girls in the room. She just knows how to rally the group in a way that brings the focus, but also keeps things light, and entertaining,” she added.

Due to the openness of the whole team, Pimm has also felt welcomed by how everyone is so sweet and kind to her.

“I played centre today for the first time in four or five years, and even then, I probably never really played centre, so, being thrown into that position as a total newbie was challenging, but it was really fun,” Pimm said.

“And I think while it was all new, the pressure was off because I felt really supported by all the teammates, and to be in an environment like that, I’m very appreciative of that,” she added.

Furthermore, Alain has also noticed Pimm’s locker room personality and acclimation around her teammates.

“The way she is, the way she acts in the dressing room, the way she is with her teammates. She’s not shy, she’s verbal, and she asks questions, and she has really integrated very well,” Alain said.

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