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ROW | Ravens earn 3 first place finishes at Head of the Rideau

Written by Megan Jolley

Photo by Ravens Rowing

OTTAWA, Ontario – Carleton had a successful start to the race season at Head of the Rideau on September 29, 2019. This is a 5 km head race along the Rideau Canal, finishing at the Rideau Canoe and Kayak Club. The Ravens raced varsity crews from across Ontario, Quebec and New York including Clarkson University, Dawson College, University of Ottawa, Trent, McGill, University of Montreal and RMC.

After their first win at the PD Ross Regatta, the Ravens were eager to earn some more hardware. Under near ideal weather conditions, the Carleton crew were able to achieve that goal. The Ravens saw 3 first place finishes, 5 second place finishes and 3 third place finishes. This earned the team enough points to fall just short of earning the Kandahar Cup, behind Trent University. Their next race is the second and final head race, Head of the Trent, hosted by the Peterborough Rowing Club on October 5, 2019.

1st place:

Mens Varsity Lwt 8+ – Brendan McIntyre, Owen Powell, Richard Sultmanis, Jeffrey Parkhouse, Dec McCoy, Nick Marini, Donny Bagozzi, Saj Patni and Shane Brockbank (coxswain)

Womens Varsity 4+ – Neve McKay, Julia Zebarth, Abby Allair, Emelyn Rodgers and Delaney Gilmore (coxswain)

Womens Varsity Lwt 2x – Emma Lindale and Meghan Jolley

2nd place:

Mens Varsity Lwt 1x – Jeffrey Parkhouse

Womens Varsity 1x – Tess MacMillan

Womens Varsity 2x – Julia Zebarth and Tess MacMillan

Womens Varsity 8+ – Julia Zebarth, Neve McKay, Abby Allair, Emelyn Rodgers, Meghan Jolley, Emma Lindale, Margaret Myers, Tess MacMillan and Delaney Gilmore (coxswain)

Womens Novice Varsity 8+ – Emily McColville, Grace Simonds, Brigitte Gaudert, Carolyn Forster, Jaqueline Hollstedt, Brittany Pennington, Jillian Snider, Stephanie Bender and Hanna Kraus (coxswain)

3rd place:

Womens Varsity Lwt 1x – Margaret Myers

Womens JV 2x – Megan Williamson and Marilyn Irwin

Mens Varsity 4+ – David Damas, Scott Leslie, Ty Summers, Eli Faid and Shane Brockbank (coxswain)