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Ravens honour Academic All-Canadians

Written by Griffin Porter

Photo by Valerie Wutti

For many university students, the life of a student athlete is far too busy to even imagine.  Between the commitments of games, practices, film study, workouts, media requirements, and many more demands on your time, on top of all of the attention devoted to schoolwork, it is no wonder that the life of the student athlete is not for everyone.  However, those that live it find a way to make it all work, and on Wednesday morning the Carleton athletic community came together to honour student athletes who are able to excel both in athletics and in their studies.  The students were honoured at the Carleton chapter of the Academic All-Canadian Awards, with more than 75 athletes from 17 different varsity teams being honoured.

“It really shows how committed these kids are both on and off the field, and how special it is to be able to maintain the academics that they do considering the amount of time that they have to put into athletics”, said Steve Sumarah, head coach of the Carleton football team.  “These are some special people for sure”.  One of the student-athletes honoured was Devon Pegrum of the Ravens Nordic Skiing team.  Pegrum, who achieved a top-20 finish in the 7.5km free at last year’s OUA Championship and is now in his 2nd year of an Engineering program at Carleton, spoke about how important it was to be devoted to having success both on the snow and in the classroom.  Speaking after the ceremony, Pegrum said that when you’re a student athlete, “it’s very easy to be carried away by one or the other… it’s nice to know that when I likely have to stop my sport I’ll still have stuff to do and stuff that I enjoy doing”.  Considering that he has more experience than the average student on dealing with a packed schedule, Pegrum offered advice to students who may feel overwhelmed by school, saying that “it’s good to know how much work you need to put in and when”.  He also spoke to the importance of maintaining a schedule with your assignments, as he knows how easy it can be for assignments to sneak up on a student.

Jennifer Brenning, the Assistant Vice President of Recreation and Athletics at Carleton University was at the ceremony, and also spoke to how special it was to see these students excelling both on and off the field.  The pride in her voice was noticeable as she said that “This is what it’s all about.  It’s about student athletes, and for our student athletes to do so well academically it makes us very proud.  Overtly, you see what they’re doing on the field of play, but you don’t necessarily see what they’re doing in the classroom, so when you get to recognize them… it’s pretty remarkable given the time commitment to play… and also do so well academically.  It makes us very proud.”


Men’s Basketball Elliot Bailey Political Science
William Kohler Bachelor of Engineering
Connor Vreeken Health Sciences
Aiden Warnholtz Health Sciences
Football Trevor Hoyte Astrophysics
Cedric Theriault Business
Joshua Walsh Global and International Studies
Men’s Hockey Dakota Odgers Enviromental studies
Men’s Soccer Daniel Gorelov Law
Emad Houache Commerce
Scott Mazzotta Commerce
David Monk Journalism
Diego Politis Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Idir Zerrouk Computer Systems Engineering
Track Ryan Dean Political Science
Seamus Hodgins Anthropology
Women’s Basketball Cynthia Dupont-Letourneau Honours in Psychology
Emma Huff Political Science
Alexandra Trivieri Law
Cross Country Jenna Van Vliet Master of Environmental Engineering
Johanna Whitehead Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering
Women’s Hockey Hannah Dinovitzer Biomedical and mechanical engineering
Amy Doherty Economics
Sandrine Hachez Cognitive science
Megan Wilson Health Sciences
Rugby Eryn Bonney-Brookmam
Roberta Drummond Biology
Maureen Foran Social Work
Eileen Kennedy-MacDonald Industrial design
Ellen Spannagel Journalism and Humanities
Demetria Swann Neuroscience
Women’s Soccer Hannah Brown Global and International studies
Leah Chabot
Shalene Denovan Psychology
Sophie Ehlebracht Political Science
Darcy Mayer Special Student
Alessandra Previte French
Jennie Wong bachelor of science honours in biology
Sarah Zutrauen Health Sciences
Swimming Amelie Chartrand Public Affairs
Jenna May Clune Global and International Studies
Dana Dusevic Neuroscience Combined Honours
Jordyn Danells Science (Chemistry & Physics)
Marta Kolbuszewska Psychology
Track Lindsey MacMillan Criminology and Criminal Justice
Maria Okwechime B.A. Honors Psychology
Miryam Yakub Aga Architectural Studies, Design
Nordic Ski Aidan Kirkham Environmental Science
Meghan Burns Public Affairs & Policy
Devon Pegrum Engineering
John Ward Engineering
Emma Holmes Psychology
Shelby Howard Environmental Sciences
Laura Inkila Child Studies
Magdalena McClure Engineering
Laura Parent Global and International Studies
Chloe Ranahan Science
Alyssa Stowe Neuroscience
Zoe Williams Neuroscience
Rowing Alexander Ciccateri Engineering
Liam Gordon Public Affairs & Policy Management
Jeffrey Parkhouse Political Science
Catherine Lockhart Biology
Mary-Johanna Weir-Weiss Engineering
Julia Zebarth Neuroscience
Fencing Buster Biggs Aerospace Engineering
Nicholas Hepner History
Elias Latchem Biology
Zachary Zanussi Masters Science (Mathematics)
Roxanne O’Halloran Criminology and Criminal Justice
Kate-Lynn Caparini Public Affairs & Policy Management
Golf Lawrence Hennigar Business (Law)
Water Polo Mazen Abouelata Journalism
Luke Evans Engineering
Mihailo Krstic Engineering