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BASE | Ravens examine championship seeding in Baseball Research Journal publication

Written by Carleton Sports Information

Photo by Ravens Baseball

OTTAWA, Ontario – Ravens Baseball has made an academic contribution to their sport with a recent publication in the Baseball Research Journal. The article, Testing an RPI Ranking System for Canadian University Baseball, was researched and put together by Ravens Baseball president and Carleton professor George Rigakos and Mitchell Thompson, a statistics undergrad student and member of the team.

“We tested the possibility of using the Ratings Percentage Index to rank 20 Canadian university baseball teams from 2016-2018,” said Rigakos. “Right now, there is no truly representative national championship of university baseball in Canada so Mitchell Thompson and I wanted to see how teams would rank if we applied the same statistical system used in determining NCAA seeding in basketball.”

Rigakos says one of the most enjoyable parts of the process was getting sharing his passion for baseball with one of his students throughout the project.

“Mitchell Thompson is an undergraduate Statistics student and baseball fan. He’s been helping out with the Ravens baseball team behind the scenes.  He dove into the statistical grunt work and deserves tons of credit. He did a fantastic job!”

Both of us got a real kick out of getting our work published in the BRJ (Baseball Research Journal),” Rigakos adds. “It’s also quite an accomplishment for Mitchell who’s an aspiring Sabermetrics guy anyways to get his stuff out there this early on.”