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WSOC | Kylie Laframboise Commits to the Ravens for the 2020 Season

Written by Carleton Sports Info

Name: Kylie Laframboise

Hometown: Orleans, ON

High School: St. Peter Catholic High School

Soccer Club: Ottawa TFC

Position: Forward

Favorite National Team: Canada’s Women’s National Team (Of course!)

Favorite Club Team: Toronto FC

Accomplishments: Winning the Canada U17 Girls National Championship (2019) & the Ontario U17 Girls Provincial Cup (2019)

Why did you decide to attend Carleton?

Soccer has been the foundation of my decisions which is why I feel that attending Carleton will be adding to this foundation and giving me the building blocks for my future. Carleton offers the best of both worlds.  It has the feel of a small university community with all the perks of a modern and growing university right in my hometown. After meeting with Coach Dom and his staff I understood their vision for the team in the upcoming years which excites me, that’s when I knew that CU and the Ravens family would be a perfect fit.

What part about playing for the Ravens soccer team are you most looking forward to?

I have had the opportunity to visit the campus, spend time with the team, and attend an ID Camp, which made my decision an easy one! This is a great group of women who have common values and goals which align with mine.  Even as a guest I was treated as one of the team and the coaches supported me and gave me instructions as if I was one of their own. I felt as if I was l already a member of the Ravens soccer team and family! I am looking forward to proving myself on the field and using my speed to generate opportunities for myself and my teammates.

How did you get started in soccer?

Well, my parents told me that I started running and skipped walking when I was about 10 months old. When I was 3 years old, I joined Cumberland United Soccer Club, they put a soccer ball in front of me and from that point on I always played soccer.  At age 8 the Club offered a competitive program for my group. The Club recognized my ability to speed past my opponents. After I made the team, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I had the soccer bug! I couldn’t get enough, played all year round, indoor, outdoor and Futsal ever since. Soccer has been the driving force behind my life so far. I’ve made so many great friends along the way and I couldn’t imagine my life without soccer.

What is your style of play?

Playing offensively, I utilize a direct attack by moving the ball quickly into scoring range making long passes, through balls or long balls in the air. I can easily read the field and adapt to the style of play of any opponent. I’m quick to identify when to take a risk or play it defensively. My greatest strength is using my speed to be the first to the ball which allows me to generate scoring opportunities for myself and my teammates.

Is there a professional soccer player that you model your game after?

I’ve been told by my OTFC coaches that I remind them of Gareth Bale who plays for Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League. After watching some of his games and highlights, I’ve learnt some of his techniques such as touches to get around opponents using speed. As a winger I think he and I create opportunities for our team mates and our quick pace sets the tone. I have adapted my play from his style of achieving energy on the field.

Describe your strengths and some areas for improvement?

My explosive runs catch my opponents off guard. My strength which I feel sets me apart is during these explosive runs I can also think quickly on my feet and generate scoring opportunities for my teammates. With all my successes throughout my soccer career I’ve learnt there is always room for improvement no matter what you are doing. I like to watch playbacks of my games to help me see what I perhaps could have done differently and to see what worked well. I have been lucky to have coaches who have taken time to help me develop as a player and I am always eager to hear their feedback and improve my game play.  My OTFC Coach Pavel helped me 1 on 1 to harness my speed and to strategically maximize my potential.

Which academic program will you be studying and why is that of interest to you?

I will be focusing on obtaining a BA Honors in Childhood and Youth Studies, as I would like to become a Primary School Teacher. I have always enjoyed teaching and coaching young children and feel this would be a great career choice for me.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

I have played both field and box Lacrosse with the Gloucester Griffins, St. Peter Knights and the Ottawa Capitals Lacrosse Club where we played in tournaments in Montreal and New York State. During my down time I also enjoy playing guitar.  I have also spent time volunteering with Shepherds of Good Hope, City of Ottawa Summer Camps and the Gloucester Lacrosse Association.


Welcome to the BirdGang, Kylie!