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MSOC | Ravens bring in Hawkesbury product Tyler David

Written by Carleton Sports Information

Name: Tyler David
Hometown: Hawkesbury
High School: ESCRH (Ecole secondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury)
Soccer Club: Pierrefonds Soccer Club
Position: Goalkeeper
Favourite National team: England
Favourite Club team: Manchester City


My greatest accomplishment to date is getting selected for the Carleton Ravens men’s soccer team. One of my goals was to be able to study and play soccer at the university level. I was also fortunate enough to be selected to attend and train with the Valencia Football Club Academy in Spain in March 2018. Prior to that, I was also selected by the Montreal Impact Performance Academy to train for the winter season. Last year, I was fortunate to be chosen for an interview with Radio Canada (French CBC News)  to talk about my experiences, as a soccer player from a small community. Apart from soccer, I have also done well in Track and Field. I won 1st place in the 400m, 800m, and 4x100m at the Regional level two years in a row. Winning a regional public speaking competition was also an accomplishment for me, as it showed me that I can push myself to do well, even when I am out of my comfort level.

Q: Why did you decide to attend Carleton?

I  decided to attend Carleton University because it is a great university both academically and athletically. It is also close to home for me (only one hour drive). After visiting the university on at least two occasions, I saw that Carleton was like a community, and everyone was very friendly. I attended the soccer identification camp and was impressed by how organized it was, and how friendly and helpful the coaching staff and players were. I could also see that the team is highly competitive and that is something I am looking for. I could definitely see myself at Carleton.

Q: What part about playing for the Ravens soccer team are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to the development and high level of play with the Ravens soccer team. After going to the ID camp and meeting with the coaching staff on a few occasions, I could see right away that they will help me progress into a better player and person. I am anxious to further develop and to play for a top tier team at the university level.

Q: How did you get started in soccer?

When I was younger, my brother and I were very involved in hockey. I played AA with the Eastern Ontario Cobras. One year, my brother decided to quit hockey, and move on to soccer. I played one more year of hockey afterward, but after watching my brother play soccer, I quickly fell in love with the sport and decided to change my path to becoming a soccer player. When I first started, I was fourteen years old. I played striker for the St. Lazare Hudson Soccer Club. The next season, the team was looking for a goalkeeper and my coach asked if I would be interested in trying that position. Here I am today, four years later, given the opportunity to play at the university level.

Q: What is your style of play?  

I believe that my style of play is a shot-stopper. I have good reflexes and I position myself well to give myself a chance to stop shots. Since I started playing goalkeeper, my coaches have always told me that this is my natural style of play. I am also a very calm goalkeeper and I control my emotions well. This is also something my coaches have commented on.

Q: Is there a professional soccer player that you model your game after?

The professional player that I model my game after is Wojciech Szczesny because he is obviously great at stopping the ball, good with his feet, a good communicator, and most importantly, he is calm, as I am.

Q: Describe your strengths and some areas for improvement:

I see my shot-stopping skills and my footwork (distribution) as strengths. For areas of improvement, I would say I need to communicate better, by better directing the team and coming out more for crosses and to clear the ball. I know that I need to be more confident, and this is something that I am going to be working on.

Q: Which academic program will you be studying and why is that of interest to you?

The academic program I will be studying will be International Relations (Global Law and Social Justice). This program interests me because I’ve always enjoyed law, justice, world history, etc. and this program offers all of these. I would like to work for the government, and what better place to study than Carleton, in the nation’s capital.

Q: What extra-curricular activities do you enjoy?

Most of the extracurricular activities that I enjoy are sport related. I obviously enjoy soccer, but also basketball, water sports, downhill skiing, track and field, hockey, etc. I also love to travel and have visited many countries with my family. In my downtime, I like to watch movies and spend time with my family and my friends.