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ESPORTS | Ravens Overwatch starts inaugural campaign

Written by Ethan Jackson

OTTAWA, Ontario – The Carleton Ravens Overwatch season will get underway as the OPSE feature game this evening.

Heading into their first match of the season against Conestoga College, Ravens Overwatch team captain Jack Meireles (Jacklorf) says spectators can expect highlight reel plays from their lineup. Meireles confidently states that himself, accompanied by computer science student and team starter Anjola Onakoya (Diloxrock), can be “expected to be the best OPSE players at their given positions.” This dynamic duo has been playing together for around 3 years, building a level of chemistry that the captain ensures us will “translate into great combo plays in-game.” 

In addition to Onakoya, the team is represented by two more computer science students with starting roles: Afnan Jadid (Twitchy) and Sean Martin (Kachow). Also playing pivotal roles is the final pair of starters: Gabriel Powell (gabe powell) and Jonathon Soles (jono55555) — students at Carleton University studying political science and business, respectively. The final two spots in the lineup feature substitute players Nicholas Olivares (Bellic) and Robert Passmore-Waugh (rub). With Olivares being an environmental science student and Robert studying anthropology, these players are the final pieces of the academically diverse puzzle that make up the Ravens Overwatch team. 

Meireles says his squad has adapted to a team environment over the course of two years, which can be seen by their in-game synergy.  When asked about the keys to the success, Meireles was not hesitant to share the confidence he has in his team. “All of our players are highly skilled in their specific roles, so we have no weak links.” He credits coach Robby (Rubrr) for his contributions to the team. “He has a great mind for the game and helps us out a lot.”

Vs: Conestoga College Condors

Time: 6pm

Watch: https://opsesports.ca/watch/