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CIS 50th Anniversary Success Stories – Alison Korn: CIS alumnus, olympic rower and successful journalist

Alison Korn rowed in two Olympics and now shines the spotlight on other elite athletes trying to do the same

From Carleton graduate to Olympic medalist to Toronto Sun columnist, CIS alumnus Alison Korn has used her experience as both a journalist and world-class athlete to achieve great success in doing what she loves most: rowing and journalism.

Korn, 40, began rowing at the age of 21 while in her final year of political science at McGill University after a friend convinced her to try it out.  She soon found that rowing was not only a sport she loved, but had great talent for as well.

She went on to pursue a master’s degree in journalism at Carleton University, where she joined the Ravens rowing team and took part mainly in the single races.

One of Korn’s favourite memories as a Raven was having competitions with the football players during her training sessions to prove who the stronger athletes were.

“While training for rowing, I remember always lifting weights with the football guys,” Korn recalls.  “I knew I had huge endurance, but of course, they were much stronger than me.”

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