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Kevin Churchill

It’s an unbelievable achievement. The Carleton Ravens Men’s Basketball team took home its 10th national CIS championship recently. The first team in CIS history to win 10 national championships!

And part of the success belongs to BB player Kevin Churchill, who also happens to be a graduate student pursuing an MA in Philosophy.

“There are definitely not too many basketball players who also study philosophy,” says Churchill. “I think the two areas tend to self-select in ways that make it somewhat rare for an individual to fit both molds well. Let’s just say I haven’t met too many 6’7 philosophers who are committed to sport, and I haven’t met too many basketball players who like to think about the truth-value of ethical statements.”

As grad school is incredibly time-consuming, it is even more impressive that 22-year-old Churchill has been able to compete.

“Being able to balance school and basketball is really an exercise in time management,” explains Churchill. “When I began my undergraduate degree it was really a struggle to do both well. However, as I got used to my schedule, I got better at planning my time and following through with my plan. By the time I got to grad school, I had developed pretty strong time management skills, and it has been a smooth year.”

Says Churchill: “As much as possible, I try not to ask for any special attention. That being said, there are times when things get pretty hectic for me. Whenever I’ve run into any scheduling issues, my professors have been really understanding.”

Churchill, who hails from Toronto and first started playing basketball when he was 6 or 7 years old, says his favorite thing about being a Raven is “my team…I love my team, coaches, players, managers.”

Fondly nicknamed Twinkle Toes due to his great footwork on the court, the BB player expects to graduate in 2015. This year is his last year on the team. “I have played out all my eligibility and am no longer allowed to play,” says the Churchill. “I have very mixed feelings about it. I’m really going to miss playing basketball, but at the same time I’m really excited to see what lies ahead for me.”