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MSOC | Elite recruit Kevin Kaba commits to Carleton

Written by Carleton Sports Information

The Carleton men’s soccer team is pleased to announce the signing of Ottawa, ON native Kevin Kaba for the 2019-20 season. spoke with Kaba to discuss his future at Carleton.

Name: Kevin Kaba

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

High School: College Catholique Mer Bleue

Soccer Club: Futuro Soccer Academy

Position: Midfielder

Favourite National team: France

Favourite Club team: Chelsea FC

Q: Why did you decide to attend Carleton?

Carleton is a great university, academically and sports wise. Being from Ottawa and attending a university here means a lot because I always wanted to represent my city. From meeting the team and practicing there was just something about it that made me feel at home and that’s when I knew that Carleton is where I wanted to play.

Q: What part about playing for the Ravens soccer team are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the challenge and competing to become the best team. I’m for sure trying to bring out a championship for Carleton University.

Q: How did you get started in soccer?

Since I was a kid I’ve been playing with a soccer ball and it wasn’t until my dad introduced me to the game that I fell in love with it and wanted to be like the people on the TV

Q: What is your style of play?

I’m a full on playmaker, I like to be the one who assists and set up my teammates to finish up the job. Making key passes behind the back line and lots more.

Q: Is there a professional soccer player that you model your game after?

Andres Iniesta, I surely dedicate my game to this amazing player, his intelligence is out of this world and his vision is just amazing, I’m really trying to become like him.

Q: Describe your strengths and some areas for improvement.

Id say my strength is probably my speed, my capability to move quickly with and without the ball, it gives me an advantage compared to other players. There’s a lot I have to improve, you can never be an amazing player without having weaknesses, mine is probably my mental toughness which is something I’m sure I can improve here

Q: Which academic program will you be studying and why is that of interest to you?

Right now I’m still waiting on my admission, I applied for human rights simply because I love equality between everyone and health and science because I love sciences.

Q: What extra-curricular activities do you enjoy?

I love basketball, I’ve won many awards and trophies such as Tier 1 championship at school, and couple MVPs, I also love spending time with my close friends and family members.


Let’s welcome Kevin to the #BirdGang!