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ROW | Rideau Canal hosts PD Ross Race

Written by Ed Fournier

Photo by Ravens Rowing

OTTAWA, Ontario – The annual PD Ross boat race was held Saturday September 15 under ideal conditions along the scenic Rideau Canal.  This event is a challenge race between the Carleton Ravens Rowing Team and the University of Ottawa’s Rowing team with crews representing the women’s varsity program, men’s varsity program and university alumni.  The PD Ross trophy is awarded to the university varsity program with the fastest cumulative time of their respective men’s and women’s crews.

All three events were contested in eight person boats with coxswain.  The races followed a dual format in which one boat representing each university raced side by side.  The races started underneath the Bank Street Bridge and proceed along the canal toward downtown Ottawa.  The finish line for the 1.8 km alumni race was just before Pretoria Bridge, whereas the varsity crews competed over 2.65 km finishing close to the University of Ottawa Campus.

The Ravens alumni, who were first to race, beat the University of Ottawa alumni with several lengths open water.  The varsity men were next up and they got off to a great start pulling ahead of the University of Ottawa crew within 150m however, they were forced to stop because of weeds that got stuck on their fin/rudder causing their boat to steer uncontrollably to starboard.  After clearing the weeds, and losing ground to University of Ottawa, the Ravens men were able to restart and with a determined push make they up for the distance they lost. By the halfway point in the race the Ravens men were able to regain their lead and continue to open up distance on the other crew, winning the race with a 17 second margin. The women were the last to race.  It was clear right from the very start of the race that the Ravens women were stronger than their competition as they kept opening distance on their University of Ottawa rivals. By the time the Ravens women crossed the finish line they had amassed a dominant lead of over 1 min.

With the strong performances of the the men’s and women’s crews the Carleton Raven’s reclaimed the PD Ross trophy.

Next up for the Ravens rowers in the Head of the Rideau regatta on September 23, 2018.