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eSports Weekly Recap – Week 7

Written by Ben Neil & Alexandre Beauvais

Week 7

Overwatch vs OTSU

Ravens Fall 2-0 to OTSU

The Ravens lost on November 23rd against OTSU Esports. In the first game and first map OTSU came out strong and it turned out to be to much for the Ravens as they are unable to get on the objective. In the second map the Ravens put up more of a fight securing the objective and keeping it contested. It came down to a close finish, both teams having 99% of the objective but in the end, OTSU took map two and take the first point of the match. OTSU is up 1-0 in the match, in game two round 1 the Ravens are attacking first trying to secure and move the payload. The Ravens started moving the payload quickly, but OTSU held the Ravens from getting to the checkpoint. In round 2 OTSU came out of the gate strong pushing the payload to almost end the game but the Ravens pushed back battling holding them off as long as they could before OTSU finished the match with a score of 2-0.

They play next against the Laurier Golden Hawks on November 30th.