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eSports Recap: Ravens Roll Through January

Written by Ravens Sports Information

Photo by Carleton Ravens

Hearthstone vs OTSU Esports

Ravens bounce back to sweep OTSU

This week of competition saw Carleton be the first team to reach five wins on the season. Friday night saw a dominant Ravens put on a clinic against OTSU sweeping them three matches to zero. Carleton will head into the last two weeks of competition with a 5-1 record, sitting comfortably at the top  of the standings.  Carleton will take on OTSU again as they go back to back with the next game taking place on February 4th.

The Ravens are now 5-1 and rank first in the league. They play OTSU Esports February 4th.

Overwatch vs UofT

Ravens fall 2-1 in a nail biter to UofT

The Ravens won/lost on Tuesday January 25th, against UofT. In the first round of the first map UofT came out to an aggressive start jumping on the objective and holding the Ravens to 13% on the objective. In round two of the first map the Ravens come out to a much better start getting 91% of the objective secured before UofT made consecutive highlight plays to knock the Ravens off the point and then go on to hold it for the rest of the first match. Falling in the first map making the score 1-0, the Ravens are looking to come aggressive in the second map.

In the first round of the second map the Ravens begin by defending the payloads’ objective. UofT comes out quick secure the payload and beginning its movement to the first checkpoint very quickly. Quickly UofT passes the first checkpoint and push to the second and final checkpoint. Carleton giving push back slowing down UofT and stopping them from securing the payload. In round two of the second map Ravens are attacking and come out swinging, securing the payload quickly and beginning the movement process to try and beat UofT by getting the payload to the final checkpoint. It seems as if the momentum has shifted, and the Ravens put heavy pressure on UofT pushing the payload all the way to the final checkpoint. The series becomes tied, and the Ravens force a third map to decide the game.

In the first round of the third map Carleton begins by defending. UofT comes out looking to finish what they started and stop the Ravens from completing the comeback by pushing the payload quickly. The Ravens push back hard again when it matters most, and the Ravens hold UofT in overtime at the edge of the final checkpoint. With the Ravens coming out attacking in the second round of the third map it is their game to win. The Ravens come out fast trying to push and complete the comeback however, UofT able to hold the Ravens and win the third map and the game 2-1.

The Ravens play the Waterloo Warriors next on Tuesday, February 1st.

League of Legends vs Waterloo Warriors

Ravens fall 2-0 to Waterloo

The Ravens lost on Thursday, January 27th, against the Waterloo Warriors. In the first game Waterloo comes out and takes the first dragon and first elimination. However, the game is still looking even on gold and kills. Waterloo surviving a three versus two dive in the bottom lane and putting the Ravens down in kills and gold. Waterloo destroys the first turret in the top and mid lane putting the pressure on the Ravens. The Ravens respond with a destroyed first layer turret of their own in the bottom lane. Waterloo gets and ace on the Ravens 20:00 minutes in.

Rocket League vs York Lions

Ravens fall in overtime to Lions

On Wednesday, the Ravens and Lions collided for important points near the top of the Rocket League standings. In the first game, the Ravens were able to take advantage of York errors near the front of the York net, squeezing out a 3-2 victory. In the second game, the Ravens fell behind 2-0 early before battling back to a tie, before ultimately losing 4-2. In the third match, the Ravens would see their 2-0 lead slowly slip away as the Lions stormed back for a 3-2 victory. With their matchup on the line, the Ravens came out decisively shutting out the Lions and forcing a fifth and final match. In the final match of the evening, the Ravens and Lions would exchange first-minute goals before heading to extra time tied at 2. In the overtime period, the Lions would end a marathon session in the third-minute of overtime taking the week 3-2.