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Ravens Kendo Eligibility Certificate 2019-20


The Carleton University Kendo Club is a non for profit student-run club supported by Carleton Athletics. We began our club in September 2012, and since then we’ve been improving every year. Despite being a relatively new club, we have slowly been having better tournament results each year!

We compete at intercollegiate and national events supported by the Canadian Kendo Federation. Canadian Kendo competitions are open invitation and divisions are split based on rank.

Outside of tournaments and practice, we hold events and gatherings which any member, old or new, are welcome to attend. We’re a tight-knit group of friends and are always enthusiastic for new members to join us!

2019-20 Competitive Schedule

  • JCCC Senior Kendo Tournament, Nov. 9th, 2019 @ JCCC Kendo Club 6 in North York
  • Intercollegiate tournament hosted by Waterloo Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2020@ Stratford
  • Detroit Meet, Feb. 16th 2020 @ Detroit Kendo Club
  • University of Toronto Invitational, Mar. 14th 2020 @ University of Toronto

Practice Information:

Any student is eligible to join the Carleton University Kendo Club. We don’t hold tryouts, and the joining dates are the first three weeks of the Fall or Winter semester. The first two practices are free of charge for new members. Our goal is to let everyone have the opportunity to enjoy Kendo.

Our practices are divided into three classes which are Beginner, Advanced and Mixed.

In the beginner class, the focus will be on learning basic footwork as well as basic cuts and strikes required for sparring. Everyone is welcome to join the beginners class, as well as advanced members may participate in order to review the basics.

In the advanced class, the focus is more on advanced drills and sparring. This class is only for advanced members. Upon completion of the beginner stage and when the instructor and senior members allow it, beginners will wear bogu (sparring armour) and join the advanced class.

For the mixed class, we’ll be running two classes side-by-side and also have some mixed drills between advanced and beginner members. Everyone is welcome to this class and it provides a great opportunity for beginners to sharpen their skills with advance members.

Almost all of our members joined us without any prior knowledge or experience in Kendo, so please don’t be worried if you are completely new!

Practice Schedule:

Practice times are subject to change on a semester/yearly basis. The current schedule for the 2019-20 academic year is below:

Monday, 9:00pm – 10:30pm, Room 2406, Ice House (Advanced)
Tuesday, 8:30pm – 10:00pm, Room 2404, Ice House (Beginner)
Thursday, 7:30-9:30pm, Room 2406, Ice House (Mixed)

How to Join:

For any inquiries, or if you wish to join, please feel free to reach out to or join us on Facebook at Carleton University Kendo Club. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Club Fees:

The cost for registration is only $90 and includes access to all of our practices for both the Fall and Winter Semesters (September – April). We try to keep costs as low as possible since we are student-run club.

A beginner to Kendo only needs a shinai(bamboo sword) and shinai bag to practice for the first few months. After gaining more experience a member will need to purchase practice clothes and then finally bogu to practice Kendo fully. The cost for equipment* is as follows:

Shinai(Bamboo Sword): $30
Shinai Bag: $10
Hakama and Gi(Practice Clothes): $80
Bogu(Armour): $400

*we purchase all of our equipment in bulk in order to keep costs as low as possible for students


Daniel Lau (Head Instructor 3-dan)
Tom Schoenhofer (Assistant Coach 3-dan)
Dylan Goudie (Assistant Instructor Ikkyu)

Main Club Contacts:

President: Devlin Vong
Vice President: Karim Saad
Treasurer: Eben De Shane-Gill
Club Advisor: David Song
Executive Team Contact:

  • Xiaoyan Ding
  • Raj Lall
  • Xinya Wang
  • Ruofan Yu

Facebook: Carleton University Kendo Club.

Past Results:

  • 2015 York Intercollegiate – Team Division (Bronze)
  • 2016 Ryerson Intercollegiate – Individual Mudansha Division (Gold)
  • 2017 Carleton Intercollegiate – Team Division (Bronze)
  • 2017 JCCC Tournament  – Individual 2-3 Dan Division (Bronze)
  • 2018 York Intercollegiate  – Beginner Division (Bronze), Individual Alumni (Bronze)
  • 2018 Montreal Tournament – Individual 2-3 Dan Division (Bronze)
  • 2019 Stratford Intercollegiate – Beginner Division (Bronze), Team Division (Bronze)
  • 2019 Detroit Meet – Individual 1 Dan (Bronze)

2020 Stratford Intercollegiate

2019 Stratford Intercollegiate

2018 JCCC Senior Tournament 

2018 York Intercollegiate

2017 Carleton Intercollegiate

2016 Ryerson Intercollegiate

2015 York Intercollegiate