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ESPORTS | Overwatch Advance to Semi, Rocket League Shutout

Written by Ben Neil & Carleton Sports Information

The ups and downs of esports playoffs continue as the Ravens Overwatch team advanced to the OPSE playoffs while the Rocket League club were shutout by Waterloo in the quarterfinals.

Overwatch vs Conestoga

Ravens win Quarter Finals 3-0

The Ravens won on March 15th, against the Conestoga Condors. In game 1 the Ravens get control of the point first asserting their dominance early. The Ravens hold the first point 100% to 0% with ease. In game 1 map 2 the Ravens do more of the same and dominant early on the point showing no sign of slowing up and allowing the Condors to get on the point. The Ravens take round 1 not allowing the Condors to gain any percentage on the points over the two maps.

In game 2 round 1 the Ravens begin defending while the Condors are attacking the point and trying to move the payload. The Ravens hold the Condors from even capturing the payloads’ objective. The Ravens now attacking as the Condors are defending in round 2 of game 2. All the Ravens must do is capture the payloads’ objective to win this round. The Ravens come out with heavy pressure and take down the Condors in game 2 going up 2-0 and going to match point in game 3.

In game 3 round 1 the Ravens defending first as the Condors are attacking and trying to capture the payload and move it to the checkpoints. The Condors secure the payload objective quickly this time, but the Ravens doing well to hold the Condors from securing the first checkpoint. The Condors move to secure the first checkpoint putting pressure on the Ravens that they were missing from the last two games. The Condors pushing closer and closer to the second point however the Ravens able to defend as the time runs out and taking the first round in game 3. In round 2 of game 3 the Ravens coming out attacking trying to secure that payload objective quickly to push to the second checkpoint. The Condors holding firm pushing the constant pressure from the Ravens back. The Ravens moving quickly pushing to the first checkpoint, with four minutes for the Ravens to reach the second checkpoint the second checkpoint is getting closer and closer. The Ravens push to the second checkpoint to secure game 3 going up 3-0 over the Conestoga Condors and winning the quarterfinals and to stay alive in the playoffs.

They play the Waterloo Warriors in the semifinals next on Tuesday, March 22nd and it will be streamed on the OPSE Twitch Channel.

Rocket League vs Waterloo

The Waterloo Warriors were all busy as they handled the Carleton Ravens (7-4) in the OPSE Rocket League semifinals on Wednesday. The Ravens were unable to generate much offense as the Warriors carried the pace of play throughout the evening on route to a 4-0 victory. The Warriors (10-1) entered the game the favourite and showed their strength as they quietly controlled possession while knocking off the Ravens.