Contact Information

Department of Recreation & Athletics
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
Phone: (613) 520-2600 ext.5655
Fax: (613) 520-4466


Name/Position Email / Phone
Jennifer Brenning
Assistant Vice President of Recreation and Athletics
613-520-2600 ext.8446
Yolana Junco
Director, Operations & Business Development
613-520-2600 ext.4482


Name/Position Email/Phone
Bruce Marshall
Manager, Health & Wellness
613-520-2600 ext.8448
Sheryl Hunt
Assistant Director, Marketing & Brand Strategy
613-520-2600 ext.8267
Patrick Hansen
Manager, Facility Operations
613-520-2600 ext.8457
Mark DeBruyn
Assistant Director, Business Development
613-520-2600 ext.2101


Name/Position Email/Phone
Steve Baird
Aquatics Coordinator
613-520-2600 ext.8444
Paul Blackman
Equipment Coordinator
613-520-2600 ext.8442
Yolana Junco
Fitness & Exercise Specialist
613-520-2600 ext.4482
Nuwan Gardi
Information Technology Officer
613-520-2600 ext.1602
Shawn Eckford
Welcome Centre Administrator
613-520-2600 ext.8441
Barbara Poujade
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Sales
613-520-2600 ext.1640
Mitchell Dick
Assistant Manager, Communications and Marketing
 613-520-2600 ext.3081
Lauren Gallant
Ticketing & Merchandise Sales Specialist
613-520-2600 ext.1578
Robert LeRoy
Event Coordinator
613-520-2600 ext.1139
Josh Shaw
Adult League Coordinator
613-520-2600 ext.7804
Nadine Smith
Head Athletic Therapist
613-520-2600 ext.5623
Michael Cicchillitti
Assistant Manager, Children & Youth Programs
613-520-2600 ext.1022
Sheila-Ann Newton
Varsity Administrator
613-520-2600 ext.8456
Marta Wein
Fitness & Recreation Program Administrator
613-520-2600 ext.8458
Rebeca Baraquiso Mercade
Financial Administrator
613-520-2600 ext.3021

Coaching Staff

Name/Position Email/Phone
Dave Smart
Director, Basketball Operations
613-520-2600 ext.1166
Taffe Charles
Head Coach – Men’s Basketball
613-520-2600 ext.1045
Brian Cheng
Interim Head Coach – Women’s Basketball
Steve Sumarah
Head Coach – Football
613-520-2600 ext.4004
J.P. Asselin
Offensive Coordinator – Football
Paul Eddy Saint-Vilien
Defensive Coordinator – Football
Shaun Van Allen
Head Coach – Men’s Hockey
613-520-2600 ext.4212
Mark Cavallin
Assistant Coach – Men’s Hockey
Pierre Alain
Head Coach – Women’s Hockey
613-520-2600 ext.4220
Kwesi Loney
Head Coach – Men’s Soccer
613-520-2600 ext.1299
Dom Oliveri
Head Coach – Women’s Soccer
613-520-2600 ext.8280
Patrick Thompson
Head Coach – Women’s Rugby
Eli Sukunda
Head Coach – Fencing
Robert D’Arras
Head Coach – Nordic Skiing
Ed Fournier
Head Coach – Rowing
Dave McBain
Head Coach – Golf
Brian Hill
Head Coach – Swimming
Zoltan Csepregi
Head Coach – Men’s Water Polo
Nicolas Westcott
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
613-520-2600 x1743