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eSports Weekly Recap: October 18-24

Written by Ben Neil & Alexandre Beauvais

Photo by Ravens League of Legends

Valorant vs Waterloo Warriors

Ravens fall 2-1 to Waterloo for their first loss of the season

The Ravens lost on October 18th, to the Waterloo Warriors. The Ravens jumped out to an early-round 1 lead before the Warriors make a strong push back came up short. Ravens ended up taking the first round by a score of 13-8 with all players coming in clutch. Round 2 turned into a very close and hard-fought defeat for the Ravens dropping it 13-10 on Haven. The decisive round 3 took place in Icebox. The Ravens went into the switch-up 8-4 before a big comeback saw the Warriors take the round 13-10 and in turn the game.

With this loss the Ravens are now 1-1. They play against Trent Excalibur on November 3rd.

Overwatch vs Waterloo Warriors

Ravens fall 2-0 to the Warriors in a hard-fought match

The Ravens lost on October 19th, against the Waterloo Warriors. The Warriors take the first objective in round 1 to go up 1-0 in the first game. The Warriors once again come out strong in round 2 getting on the objective and putting heavy pressure on the Ravens, round 2 is taken by the Warriors to take the first game 2-0. Heading into game 2 the Warriors are up 1-0, the Ravens defending the payload in the first round. The Warriors capture the payload objective and move it forward all the way to the final objective to take the first round. The Warriors now on the defensive side must hold the Ravens from getting 3 points in this round to take the match. The Ravens put up a fight in this round but were unable to get all three points to take this round, the Warriors take the match 2-0.

With this lose the Ravens are now 2-2. They play next against the University of Toronto on November 2nd.

League of Legends vs Conestoga Condors

Ravens take the win in a battle of the birds 2-0

The Ravens won on October 21st, against the Conestoga Condors. In game 1 the Ravens came out swinging with eliminations and lane positioning in all three lanes as well as successful team fight wins giving them all the momentum in game 1 to take it in just 26 minutes and 31-9 eliminations. In game 2 the lanes were more even and both teams were controlling in different moments. The Ravens were behind in eliminations in the beginning of the game but were able to tie it up in eliminations and begin a push from the bottom lane. This game was much closer, but the Ravens were able to get a team kill in the Condors and then push and take the nexus to take the match 2-0. Highlight of the game was a Quadruple Kill from Tentakai in game 1 (36:35).

With the Win the Ravens are now 2-1. They play next against the York Lions on November 1st.

Rocket League vs Conestoga Condors

Ravens take the win 3-1 over the Condors for their first of the season

The Ravens won on October 22nd, against the Conestoga Condors. The Ravens put together a great team win, battling in each game. Even after losing one game the Ravens were able to keep their composure and secure the win, taking the match 3-1.

With this win the Ravens are now 1-2. They play next against Trent Excalibur on November 3rd.

Hearthstone vs Ontario Tech SU

Ravens sweep OTSU to stay undefeated this season

Ravens continued their winning streak on October 18th, with a 3-0 win against OTSU eSports. Round 1 saw Carleton’s mage nearly edge out OTSU’s demon hunter. Round 2 saw OTSU’s druid take on Carleton’s rogue who took care of the round skillfully. Round 3 pitted the Carleton quest hunter versus the OTSU demon hunter where Carleton was able to complete the sweep.

With the win, the Ravens are undefeated on the season.