Partnership Opportunities

Year round, Carleton University welcomes between 13,000 to over 32,000 students staff and faculty on Campus. If this is your target audience, the programs and facilities at the Athletics and Recreation department can be your front door. Learn how your business can actively engage this demographic through tailored campaigns in a fun and unique way.

Below you will find information about who we are, our reach and a sampling of our programs. Please contact us to learn more and discover how we can best create a collaborative partnership!

To become an official partner, sponsor or advertiser, or for more information, please contact Sheryl Hunt.

About Athletics



  • 13 varsity teams
  • 15 competitive club teams
  • 5 competitive eSports teams
  • Camps
  • Intramurals
  • Community Rentals
  • Adult Recreational Leagues
  • Fitness Centre
  • Programs
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Junior Ravens
  • Aquatics Programs
  • Ice House – 2 ice pads
  • Alumni Hall
  • Ravens’ Perch (Keith Harris Stadium)
  • Ravens’ Field
  • Ravens’ Nest – triple gymnasium
  • Fitness Centre
  • Field House
  • High Performance Centre
  • Olympic Length Pool
  • Norm Fenn Gymnasium
  • 5 Squash Courts

Social Media and Web Presence

  • Instagram: 7,898,705 Impressions, 322,144 Engagements, 22,881 Followers
  • Facebook: 5,516,311 Impressions, 159,198 Engagements, 15,147 Likes
  • Twitter: 3,996,282 Impressions, 131,052 Engagements, 20,130 Followers
  • Total Social: 17,411,298 Impressions, 612,394 Engagements, 58,158 Followers
  • GoRavens Web: 201,878 Users, 311,490 Sessions, 883,198 Pageviews
  • Athletics Web: 334,290 Users, 1,150,121 Sessions, 2,851,612 Pageviews

Foot Traffic

  • Alumni Hall 1,591,907 Visits
  • Ice House 500,293 Visits
  • Ravens’ Perch 80,540 Visits
  • Ravens’ Field 45,302 Visits
  • Special Traffic 4,590,804 Visits – includes washrooms, change rooms, locker rooms, etc.
  • Total Visitors: 6,808,864 (May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016)



  • Camps Title
  • Can-Am Series
  • Gameday
  • Rivalry Series
  • Washrooms/Changerooms


  • Alumni Hall
  • Field House
  • Ravens’ Perch
  • Football
  • Ice House
  • Ravens’ Nest

Camps Title Sponsorship

Many of our campers’ parents were once campers themselves. Our Varsity Athletes are CPR/First aid trained and are keen to make your child’s experience a memorable one. Prominent signage throughout the Ravens Centre showcases your brand or service to all that participate.

What’s Included

  • Logo on all summer camp t-shirts (4700 camper shirts, 200 staff shirts)
  • Prominent branding on all digital and print advertising
  • Advertising on camps webpage
  • Branding on Summer Camps directional signage (15-20 opportunities)
  • Opportunity to coupon 4,700 campers/families
  • Banner signage in athletics facilities (10x20ft in Field House, 4x8ft in Raven’s Nest)
  • Rink boards in Rinks A and B
  • Camper of the Week

CAN-AM Shooutout Series Sponsorship

Cross-border August basketball tournament that showcases your brand or service.

What’s Included

  • Prominent branding on all print and digital advertising pre-event
  • Signage in Ravens’ Nest during event
  • PA announcements
  • Opportunity for tabling during event

Game Sponsorship

Showcase your brand to our fans at one of our Varsity events! Our Men’s Basketball team are the number 1 ranked team in U SPORTS with 16 National Championships.

What’s Included

  • 20 Gameday tickets
  • Logo recognition on in-game roster
  • 3 PA announcements
  • Opportunity for flyer distribution
  • Focused on-ice/on-field activity during half-time/intermission
  • Opportunity for tabling to showcase product/services

Rivalry Series Sponsorship

Game sponsor for all rivalry games between  Carleton and uOttawa

What’s Included

  • Panda Game (football)
  • Capital Hoops and Bytowne Battle (basketball)
  • Women’s hockey (up to 5 games)
  • Men’s hockey (up to 4 games)
  • Women’s soccer (2 games)
  • Women’s rugby (1 game)

Washrooms / Changerooms

The washrooms and changerooms at Carleton Athletics were visited 4,591,000 times last year. Have your message seen every time our patrons come to work out.

What’s Included

  • Washrooms: 2×3’ advertisement on door and inside Men’s and 1 Women’s washroom in each of the following: Alumni Hall, Field house, and Ice house
  • Above water fountains: 2×3’ advertisement (3)
  • Changerooms: advertisement on doors, 2×3’ advertisement inside each Men’s and Women’s changeroom

Alumni Hall Properties

  • Outdoor entrance signage – 2 locations
  • Indoor wall/banner signage
  • Indoor glass signage

Field House Properties

  • Hanging banners
  • Camps Sponsorship

Ravens’ Perch Properties

  • Sideline A-Frame 4×8
  • In-Field Logos

Ice House Properties

  • Logo in centre of ice rinks
  • Rink Board Advertisements (27”x96”)
  • Sliding Door Advertisements (entrance)

Ravens’ Nest Properties

  • Floor Banners (A-Frame) during Basketball (27”x96”)
  • Hanging Banners (4’x8’)