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eSPORTS Weekly Recap – Week 1 & 2

Written by Ben Neil & Alexandre Beauvais

OPSE eSports action is underway with Carleton Ravens teams in action in all five disciplines.

Week 1

Hearthstone vs York Lions

The Ravens won on October 8th season opener against York Lions with a final result of 3-1.

Valorant vs Western Mustangs

Our new team of Ravens competed against the Western Mustangs taking their opening match 2-0 kick-off the season with a win! The win featured a clutch ace from our Ravens DANi playing as Sova.

League of Legends vs Windsor Lancers

The Ravens swept the Lancer on October 7th to start the season off strong with a final result of 2-0!

Week 2: October 11 – 17,2021

Overwatch vs Conestoga Condors

Ravens beat the Condors in a battle of the birds 2-1. The Ravens won on October 12, against the Conestoga Condors. The Condors took the first match to go up 1-0 early. In the second match the Condors secured the payload, the Ravens then put up a good fight to hold the payload until the time ran out on the Condors in round 1. The Ravens battled back in the second round capturing the payload and escorting it to the objective to take the second match to make it 1-1. In the third match, the Condors secured the payload and the Ravens held them to 2 points in the round, then the Ravens secured the payload and captured the objective to make the final result of 2-1.

With the win, the Ravens are now 1-0 to start the season. They play Waterloo Warriors next on October 19th.

League of Legends vs University of Toronto

Ravens fall to the defending champs 2-0 for their first loss.

The Ravens lost on October 14 against the University of Toronto. In game 1 UofT was able to put lots of pressure on the Ravens from each lane, the Ravens were putting up a good fight by getting 13 eliminations, but UofT were able to get a team wipe and push to destroy the nexus and take game 1. In game 2, it was more of the same, UofT continued to put the pressure on the Ravens from all lanes. The Ravens are battling trying to put something together, but UofT is able to push in on the Ravens base from all three lanes and destroy the nexus in game 2 making the final score 2-0.

With the loss the Ravens are now 1-1. They play Conestoga Condors next on October 21st.

Rocket League vs Sault Cougars

Ravens fall to the Cougars 3-1 for their second loss of the season.

The Ravens lost on October 13th, against Sault College Cougars. In game 1 the bounces really weren’t going the Ravens way. The Cougars scored the first goal and the Ravens responded with a quick equalizer right after. The Cougars then responded with six consecutive goals to make the final score 7-1. In the second match, the ball was bouncing the Ravens way as they score first two goals, the Cougars respond with a goal of their own to make it 2-1 late in the game. Tied up at 1, the Ravens came out with the momentum from the second game putting pressure on the Cougars. Until the Cougars scored two goals, the Ravens then are able to get one back with less than a minute to be within 1 goal, but unfortunately the Ravens were unable to tie the game losing 2-1. In the fourth game the Cougars strike first early, the Ravens continued to battle but the Cougars put four more in for a final score of 5-0. For a final score of 3-1 in the series.

With the loss the Ravens are now 0-2. They play Conestoga Condors next on October 22nd.

Hearthstone vs Durham College Lions

The Ravens beat the Lords 3-1 for their first win of the season!

On October 15th, the Ravens overcame a first round loss to the Lords and went on to win three straight rounds to take the win. After a tight first round lose the Ravens answered with two long hard-fought wins in succession before a swift and dominant fourth round to seal the game. With this win the reigning OPSE Hearthstone Champions have kicked off their new season in stride and will look to repeat last years success.

With this the Ravens are 1-0.