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SKATE | Ravens land on podium at OUA Championships

Written by Ryerson Rams

Photo by Christian Bender

TORONTO, Ontario – The Toronto Varsity Blues made it five straight OUA titles on Tuesday, claiming 123 total points over the two-day 2020 OUA Figure Skating championship at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre.

The Varsity Blues won a medal in every discipline throughout the competition, including seven individual gold medals and the synchro event.

The Western Mustangs earned the overall silver medal with 88 total points, highlighted by four gold medals.

Rounding out the podium were the McMaster Marauders, who finished with 50 points, narrowly edging the Guelph Gryphons (47 points) for the team bronze medal. The Marauders and Gryphons traded the third place positioning throughout much of the second day of competition but a third place finish in the synchro event by the Marauders sealed the podium finish.

Other highlights from day two included Queen’s winning their first gold medal of the competition in the Star 8/9 Similar Dance, as well as Brock securing bronze in the Intermediate Similar Pairs Freeskate for their lone medal of the event.

McMaster head coach Ben Mulder was honoured as the Figure Skating coach of the year.

 Final Team Standings
1. Toronto (123 points)
2. Western (88)
3. McMaster (50)
4. Guelph (47)
5. Queen’s (32)
6. Carleton (23)
7. Ryerson (19)
8. Waterloo (13)
9. Brock (10)

Star 10 Similar Dance
1. Western (Jazz Smyl Joly, Alexa Shelley)
2. Guelph (River Christiano, Colleen Black)
3. Toronto (Emma Jianopoulos, Stephanie Carroll)

Star 10 Freeskate
1. Ryerson (Kaitlyn Wilson)
2. Toronto (Katherine Mitchell)
3. Western (Gratiana Chen)

Open Rhythm Dance
1. Toronto (Yohanna Broker, Jessica Reid)
2. McMaster (Laura Emery, Isabella Mancini)
3. Queen’s (Mara Spence, Emma Bonfiglia)

Senior Similar Pairs Freeskate
1. Toronto (Keiko Marshall, Melanie Zavitski)
2. Western (Madison Shaw, Clara Campbell)
3. Guelph (Olivia Stallaert, Laura Dawson)

Star 10 Solo Dance
1. Toronto (Chyna Hui)
2. McMaster (Belvina Mao)
3. Western (Anna Cappuccitti)

Novice Short Program
1. Toronto (Keiko Marshall)
2. McMaster (Isabella Mancini)
3. Guelph (Misaki Ojiro)

Dance Fours
1. Western
2. Toronto
3. Carleton

Intermediate Similar Pairs Freeskate
1. Toronto (Chloe Zhou, Gloria Gao)
2. Queen’s (Elena Koning, Brianna Kaplanis)
3. Brock (Daniella Scruto, Hayley Keith)

Gold Singles
1. Toronto (Jennifer Parker)
2. Guelph (Laura Dawson)
3. Western (Clara Campbell)

Gold Solo Dance
1. Toronto (Emma Jianopoulos)
2. McMaster (Laura Emery)
3. Western (Jazz Smyl Joly)

Pairs Fours
1. Western
2. Toronto
3. McMaster

Star 8/9 Similar Dance
1. Queen’s (Charlotte Lawson, Brittaney Everitt)
2. Toronto (Chyna Hui, Maggie Chen)
3. Western (Anna Cappuccitti, Jasmine Wu)

Men’s Freeskate
1. Western (Denis Margalik)
2. Carleton (David Birinberg)
3. Toronto (Joshua Allen)

1. Toronto
2. Western
3. McMaster