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esports | Ravens Look Playoff Ready

Written by Ravens Sports Information

The playoffs have arrived in OPSE esports as the Carleton Ravens look to challenge for top spots across OPSE leagues. Before playoff action kicks off in Valorant, Rocket League and League of Legends this week we take a look back at the past two weeks in esports action in Ontario.


Ravens sweep the Lords 2-0

Another week of competition saw Carleton come up with their league topping seventh win of the season. Monday night saw a dominant Ravens squad show no mercy to the opposing Durham Lords picking up another win. Carleton will head into the last week of the regular season in good position for the playoffs.

The Ravens are now 7-1 and rank second in the league. They play the York Lions February 7th.

Carleton adds to there win total in the last week of competition with an entertaining back and forth game. York had to forfeit game one due to not finding a substitute within the 15-minute time limit. This had Carleton go into the second mat h already up 1-0. Here a fast-paced fight broke out with a very close first have before the switch. Once the Ravens went on defence, they began to run away with it with some very aggressive peaks from “Moob” and a clean triple defending B site with the judge from “Rub”. Carleton will have a little down time before their first playoff match which their opponent is still to be determined.

The Ravens are now 8-1 and rank second in the league. They play their first playoff game February 28th.


Ravens beat OTSU; improve to 6-1 on the season

Last Friday saw the Ravens face a third place OTSU team who were eager to beat the first place Ravens. Unfortunately for them the Ravens had a different plan. Ravens made quick work again with the OTSU team. With two weeks left in the regular season the Ravens will hope to maintain their top form before the playoffs.

Ravens drop second game to Durham

Last Friday saw the Ravens lose their second game to Durham. Unfortunately for  the Ravens the Lords have had their number in their last two meetings and are responsible for the Ravens only loses on the season. Ravens remain atop the league, but Durham is only one win back of them. Ravens will look to bounce back against the York Lions in their last regular season game before the playoffs.

The Ravens are now 6-2 and rank first in the league. They play York February 18th.

Rocket League

Ravens route Lambton

In a match-up of two of last seasons top four teams, the Carleton Ravens had their way with the Lambton Lions, crushing the winless Lions in three straight games. The win sees the Ravens finish the regular season 7 and 4 tied with Concordia Esports, comfortably 3 wins above Conestoga and Durham.


Ravens fall to Warriors in epic; prepare for playoffs

In the first round of the first map Waterloo get on the objective early and hold it very strong, they got it all the way to 69% until the Ravens were able to get past Waterloo’s defensive and begin defending the objective. They hold on to overtake Waterloo in holding percentage of the objective. The Ravens get all the way to 98% when Waterloo takes over the point and holding it until the end to win the first round of the first map. In the second round of the first map Waterloo took control of the objective and make it very hard for the Ravens to even contest the objective. The Ravens push Waterloo off the objective at 80%. They fought hard to hold Waterloo off the objective, then Waterloo was able to the objective back. The Ravens take the objective back quickly and take the objective the get to 99% and go into overtime of the. However, Waterloo pulled out the win in round two the go up in the match 1-0 and moving on to the next map.

In the first round of the second map Waterloo begins with defending the payload, and the Ravens trying to capture the objective and move the payload to the final checkpoint. The Ravens come out hard and secure the payloads objective early and begin to move it through the map. Waterloo playing in a very strong defensive position are not allowing the Ravens to push up much further keeping the payload contested. The Ravens make a big push on Waterloo pushing them back making it possible to secure the first checkpoint. With one more checkpoint to reach the Ravens push in hard but Waterloo able to hold the Ravens back from reaching the second and final objective. In the second round of the second map, it is the Ravens turn to defend and try and push this map to a third round to save the match. Waterloo comes out aggressive able to secure the payloads objective and moved the payload quickly to the first checkpoint. The Ravens having a hard time controlling Waterloo. The Ravens push back contesting the payload while Waterloo’s players were spread out. Waterloo comes back and secure the first point and pushing to win the game. The Ravens push hard into overtime with their ultimates and taking map two against the Waterloo warriors who have only lost two maps this season and the Ravens taking it to them, to make the match 1-1.

In the first round of the third and final map. The Ravens start off attacking and the Waterloo Warriors defending. Waterloo holding strong out of the gate but the Ravens using that momentum from the last round and pushing back hard moving the payload. Waterloo come out in the next team fight strong stopping the Ravens right at the first checkpoint and no allowing the Ravens to secure the first checkpoint and ending the first round. In the second round of the third map Waterloo attacking and Ravens defending. The Ravens start off strong holding Waterloo at the gates not letting them push the payload up from the spawn point. The Ravens making one last push trying to hold back Waterloo, but Waterloo was able to take out the Ravens and win the third and final map to win the match 2-1 in a heart-breaking loss for the Ravens.