Ravens Sports Business Club

“Let’s face it, the sports industry is tough to break into.  Aside from previous personal connections, getting in without some form of actual experience is next to impossible.  Working with this club in the Ravens sport environment under the leadership of Sheryl Hunt would go a long way to getting your resume noticed.  I have known Sheryl for a long time and I think she is amazing at what she does.  Join the club and see where the experience takes you.” – James Duthie -TSN

The new Ravens Sports Business Club officially launched in fall of 2017!

Few fields are as sought after or as fiercely competitive as the sports industry.  You need to stand out from your competition.  What is the biggest difference maker to separate you from the pack and get the attention of prospective employers?  Experience.

No one understands passion for sports more than the RAVENS!

The RAVENS marketing team operates as a full service agency for all the varsity and recreational events and activities throughout the year.  We oversee and handle all aspects of promotion and execution of all varsity game day events, content creation and publication across all digital channels, all recreational program marketing, design and publication of all print collateral, online and on campus merchandise outlet operation as well as securing and fulfilling external partnerships in the community.

As part of  this, we also work in partnership with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group as well as the Ottawa Senators organization for our off campus Capital Hoops Classic, Panda Game and Colonel By Classic events. Combine this with our collective 30+ years of team experience in the local sports industry = we are certainly well connected in the local sports community. Part of working in sport is membership in national leagues which only further enhances our reach in terms of industry networks.

We are currently seeking applications for the 2018/19 school year! Apply here by March 23

Game Day/Events 

  • Involvement in all aspects of the game day event/production, game day announcing, DJ, In game host, creating new themes/game day traditions, intermission/half time activities, and more


  • Strategies to increase student attendance to both varsity and recreational events, engaging the residence community, create more overall “buzz” on campus, oversee tabling/awareness campaigns on campus, co-ordinate relationships with on campus student groups, recruitment of new RSBC members, and more


  • Print and digital content creation for publication on website and social media channels, pre and post game summary/write ups, social media coverage of varsity and recreational events, research and analysis of relevant marketing content, manage the club content/account(s) and more

Corporate Partnerships

  • Prospect and contact potential new partners in the business community, develop and present sponsorship opportunities, track activities and develop benchmark metrics, create promotional decks/collateral, develop and execute group ticket sales strategies/campaigns, and more

Merchandise & Ticketing

  • Involvement in all aspects of on campus and retail store, strategies for branding and product development, strategy to engage student and alumni market, inventory control, marketing campaign design and execution, development of club related merchandise items and more

Please email RSBC@cunet.carleton.ca with any inquiries.

See what past students and leaders in the Sports Community are saying about us…


“The majority of my professional career has revolved around client services. Being a Peer Helper with athletics gave me a completely new perspective on customer service and how to get people involved and invested in the organisation you are representing. It helped me to improve my customer service relations skills as well as make me a better teammate when working in a team. As an added bonus to this the entire experience was an absolute thrill and I had a lot of fun working with the bright, creative and enthusiastic staff of Carleton University Athletics. Being able to interact with fans and make their game day experience as memorable as possible, made my job feel less like work and more of an engaging experience I was lucky to partake in.” – Courtney Bowen

“My internship with the Carleton Ravens Marketing Department was a great experience. Carleton Ravens was an exciting place to start as I immediately began making promotional videos for events like Capital Hoops, CIS Final 8 Basketball Championship and the Panda Game.  I joined a great team of talent and incredible personalities. It was during my placement that I was able to develop a skill set and passion for filming, and editing video. Once my internship was finished I was hired on over the summer to continue to create promotional videos for Carleton Ravens Athletics and I was able to enhance my skill set.

It‘s because of my video work at Carleton that in 2015 I was hired on with Legion Magazine as the Web/Social Media coordinator and launched a new video series called Military Moments. I am now telling some of the most important Canadian stories and have collaborated with iconic Canadian artists such as the late Leonard Cohen, Gorden Pinsent, David Suzuki, William Shatner and Mike Myers.

Carleton Ravens motto is ‘where champions play,’ and after working there under Sheryl Hunt, I left there knowing it’s ‘where champions work.'”- Adam Tindal

“Ever since my childhood I’ve wanted some sort of career in the sports industry whether it was for a big sports franchise or just a local arena in my hometown. Going through my undergrad in communications I still wanted that chance to work in sport but had no idea how to get there when I knew I wasn’t exactly primed to be a star athlete myself. That’s where my internship at Carleton Athletics opened my world up as I was offered a position as the digital marketing intern through my post-graduate program in Sport Business Management at Algonquin College. Gaining valuable experience and growing my own personal network in a year long internship at Carleton has most definitely given me the tools to pursue a career in the sports world and be effective in the industry.

Being a Carleton graduate helped my transition into what would be an eye opening yet great experience working with the varsity teams at Carleton through digital media. My roles at Carleton were very diverse that had me doing everything from graphic design for home games, creating interactive emails/newsletter to promote the teams and children’s camps at the university, using multiple social media platforms to display live game days and much more. What I learned most about my time at Carleton Athletics is how much time and effort it takes behind the scenes to run a successful game day event with multiple different sports and playing surfaces just at the university alone. With so many different sports and seasons it keeps everyone including myself busy in promoting and successfully marketing those individual teams and clubs for every single game. I would definitely recommend anyone that is looking for valuable experience in the Canadian sporting world to give this internship a chance as it has helped me in countless ways of understanding the marketing side of sport.” – Michael Reid

“The best part about working for Athletics, for me, was being able to jump around and try out different things. I started by sitting on the Sports Marketing Board of Directors, moved into merchandising and ended up as the in-game host for the Ravens basketball games. It was awesome being able to work directly with the teams and the athletics staff because I felt like I had a direct impact, which is something you don’t always get in other jobs” – Kelsey Burdett

“If my Peer Helper term taught me anything, it was how to get out and talk to people in order to brand myself. You hear a lot now a days how important networking is in order to get your foot in the door for your desired career, and though this is critical, what I learned in my term working with the athletics marketing team is that it comes naturally. While standing by the door taking tickets, I can’t tell you how many connects and I made from simply doing something like this. On a resume, when employers see that you have experience working along side sport marketing managers, sport event coordinators, it shows that you understand what goes on behind the scenes to make a game day as successful as ever. 

For example, I am volunteering for the Women’s Volleyball National Championship, and they were accepting applications. I wanted a certain volunteer position where I can follow the team for the week and attend to all their needs. I told him casually that I have worked as a game day helper, and his eyes lit up because he was so excited to have someone who really knew the ins and outs of the system. It may not seems like much, but this gave me a competitive advantage over others and because of it I have more responsible and trust from the athletics team. 

My term as an athletics game day peer helper was an experience like no other where the environment was alive for every game, and where the teams passion resonated throughout the community, and who doesn’t want to be apart of that?” –  Bianca Mitchell-Reyes

“Working with Athletics for two years was by far one of the greatest experiences I was able to be apart of while attending Carleton. Being able to work with such an energetic and diverse group of people helped me not only develop technical skills but allowed be to move out of my comfort zone and create key contacts for the future.” – Jacob Bell

” I have had the pleasure of working for Carleton Athletics for the past 2 years in various settings. Working with the marketing team has been a tremendous experience teaching me the ins and outs of how to run a successful game day, what goes into a marketing campaign, and the day to day operations of maintaining the awareness of whats going on at Carleton recreation and athletics. Sheryl and Barb have taught me a lot about marketing and my knowledge regarding the sports industry would not be where it is today without them. Not to mention, they taught me how great it is to work in the sports marketing industry. Without working with them I would not know the amount of hard work that goes into each and every game and how much time it takes to plan these games. I really enjoyed working at athletics as I got to be apart of the game day experience, helping the game aspects run smoothly while also being able to cheer on the Ravens at their home games. I got the best of both worlds while learning about sports marketing and supporting my school. I could not have asked for better people to work with and teach me the ways of sports marketing and I will never forget the things I learned as I continue my career in marketing.” – Meghan Bennett

“My internship experience as the Program Data Research Assistant at Ravens was fantastic. My supervisors and colleagues were very supportive and friendly. More importantly, my coop term at Ravens enabled me to gain skills and hands-on experience in big data analytics and visualization, which look so great on my resume and are beneficial to my career development. I even got an opportunity to deliver a final presentation about my 4-month project and my insights about how to more strategically market various products of Ravens to the board of management, which was really unforgettable. I’m sure that all you guys will have a great time at Ravens!” – Chenyang Li

“Working at Carleton University is an amazing opportunity! Being that it is an academic environment there is no end to the passion that students bring towards their love of sports, the Ravens and their studies!

Working at Carleton Athletics also gives you an opportunity to view a multitude of different marketing and game day opportunities:

  • Digital Marketing
  •  Ticket Sales
  •  Fan Engagement
  •  Game Day ops
  •  Sponsorship
  •  Large scale marketing strategies as well as small
  •  Working with every type of sport
  •  Facilities and programs i.e. gym, yoga, summer camps

Carleton Athletics is like a big family. Everyone is really great to work with!” – Steven Baker-Findlay

“This is the best opportunity to learn about marketing and the sports business if you’re still in school. I had the chance to learn and do so much in a short amount of time during my internship. This is where I learned about my passion for video, technology, and marketing. One of the best parts of the internship was the team’s willingness to try new things; if you had an idea for a campaign, you’d have the full support of the team to execute it. My internship ended with an opportunity to work full-time as the Digital Marketing Coordinator for the department and from there I continued to learn about social media, web, and video. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to work there, without it I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge to grow into the entrepreneurial path I am currently on. This isn’t for everyone though, you need to be willing to put in the work and hustle. If you do, you’ll get so much out of it and the time you invest will continue to pay off wherever you end up in your career. Even though I don’t work there anymore, I still work with Carleton Athletics from time to time as a freelance graphic designer and video producer. Big shout-out to Sheryl Hunt who leads the marketing team there!” – Rob Hyrkiel

“I was lucky to have an excellent opportunity to both fulfill my MBA internship requirement and give back to my alma mater. Working as a Sponsorship Research Assistant under the auspices of the Department of Recreation & Athletics I designed, implemented, and presented a study of foot traffic volumes and patterns at the Ravens facilities. During my work term I had the chance to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom while getting hands-on experience with data research, analytics, and visualization. I had the privilege to work under the mentorship of Sheryl Hunt who provided excellent support and guidance throughout my internship and helped me enhance my project management skills. The latter is especially valuable in my current position as a Project Manager with a marketing agency. In addition to that, I always received genuine and earnest support from everyone at Ravens including the amazing people of the marketing team who taught me a lot about how sports facilities operate and how various events and tournaments are managed. I am grateful for the amazing experience and wish the best of luck to anyone looking to join the Ravens Sports Business Club!” – Alexander Silvin

“My term in Athletics was an invaluable experience to see the background work that goes into sporting events. From mascots, sponsors and vendors to anthem singers and half-time performers, there are countless moving parts to the events that I would have not otherwise gained exposure to. The “behind the scenes” perspective that I saw was truly eye-opening to understand the complexity of events. Later in my work as a Frosh Coordinator, I was especially grateful for the work I did in Athletics because by then, I was familiar with the real world experience of carrying out events of that scale, including all the coordination that goes into planning the smaller details. Beyond the resume building aspect of the work, the people you are surrounded by are purely amazing. There is so much spirit from both the fans and the people running the show, and it’s such a joy to be working in a high energy environment. As a marketing student pursuing a career in event planning or the sports and entertainment industry, my time in Athletics helped me to not only expand my portfolio of work, but to gain an incredibly worthwhile experience.” – Cassie Lee

“They say you need experience, to gain experience.  My final co-op term was with the Carleton Ravens, and this was THAT experience all those job applications are looking for.  The marketing team took a chance on me; I didn’t have all the skills, but I knew what I wanted to gain from the 4-month term, and I knew that I wanted to be close to the university and the Athletics brand.  The staff invested in me, assessed what skills I had, and asked what areas I hoped to develop.  The work quickly grew from what felt like a co-op position to a full time contributing member of the team.  I had my own real-world, resume-building projects.  I learned how to implement ideas and see the outcomes for myself (so long business case analysis!). My opinion was welcomed and my ideas were on the table with everyone else’s.  I felt valued and that my contributions were wanted.The co-op placement of four months became 2 years of work.  I gained transitional, hard and soft skills and a vast array of business knowledge.  Leaving the team was a difficult decision, but nothing makes you feel more prepared for the next endeavor than when you are sitting in the next job interview being able to speak to all of your experiences and having one helluva reference.

My advice to future club members is to be to be aware of what skills you have and know where you want to develop.  Work hard, and the placement will be fun, engaging, and provide real world learning you can’t get from your studies.” – Charlie Nielsen – Events & Program Coordinator, Association of Ontario Midwives

“My time spent in the Carleton Ravens’ Athletic Department allowed me to obtain the relevant skills and experience that I needed and acted as a springboard to my current career in the sport industry. I was able to surround myself with hard-working and knowledgeable staff and students who made my time there both educational and enjoyable, which is something that I will always be grateful for.” – Brent Smith

“Gaining valuable work experience while continuing your studies is key to beginning your career in any field. But finding a work environment where you can actually gain marketable and resume worthy skills can be tricky. Carleton University Athletics provides the perfect avenue for gaining employable skills. The first thing I noticed when working as a part of the Athletics marketing team was that I would actually be able to take on a project from inception through the end of the project. This not only helps you build a strong portfolio but helps you learn the processes for carrying out a project in a professional work environment.

Whether you’re interested in branding, email marketing, social media, video, photography…the Athletics team will help you gain experience in your personal niche and will do everything they can to help you succeed. When I joined the team as an intern, I knew I wanted to learn more about the marketing field but was not sure in what area specifically. That was when I brainstormed with Sheryl Hunt what my skills were and where I could best utilize those skills. Over time I continued to grow my skill set and was able to test those skills in a variety of new and exciting ways.

The best career decision I ever made was working with Carleton University Athletics Marketing.” – Josh Skrupskas, former Digital Marketing Coordinator – Carleton Athletics

Industry Leaders

“I always tell students who ask me about working in the sport industry that you need to get involved, make contacts, get experience.   Whether that is volunteering with a Host Committee organizing an event, a national/provincial sport organization or University Sport.  During my university education I interned at two different National Sport Organizations.  That is how I discovered my passion to work in sport as well it provided me the experience and references to put on a resume.   I encourage any of you who want to follow a career in sport to get involved there are many opportunities, Carleton Athletics is a great place to start.” – Jennifer Brenning – Athletics Director, Carleton University

“My internship with Carleton Athletics is the reason I am lucky enough to be working in sport. It not only gave me the hands on experience I needed to pursue a career in the world of sport, but the environment in the CU Athletics Department made every day enjoyable and kept me eager to continue working in the field. It is a dynamic and often fast-paced environment where I was given the opportunity to take ownership of projects and also work with others on bigger team-based projects. I would recommend doing an internship with CU Athletics to anyone who is interested in working in the world of sport or anyone with a desire to gain valuable real-world work experience with a fantastic team of individuals.” – Graham Loyst – Coordinator, Events & Registration, Volleyball Canada

“If two resumes ended-up on my desk and one of the candidates had game-day experience with the Carleton Ravens, that person would stand out.  I’d know that they understand the planning and collaboration that goes into every game production and that they can meet tight deadlines and shift-on-the-fly when necessary.  To the untrained eye, fun things just happen.  To those in the business, it’s the show around the show on the court or the field or the ice that creates the fan experience.” – Randy Burgess – Vice President, Communications and Content, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

“Have a passion for Sports but not sure how to turn it into a career? Joining the Ravens Sports Business Club will provide you with respected hands on experience and expose you to a wide range of opportunities you may not have thought about. Working alongside creative brand managers, experienced event executors, fitness industry professionals and championship coaches will help set yourself up for a successful career. The business of sport is a very unique industry so when I am looking for a new hire, those with relevant experience are always  preferred. I know that Sheryl’s team gives students the chance to own projects and learn the challenges and opportunities associated within this competitive space, making them very valuable to hiring managers.” – Shannon Chinn – Senior Manager, Activations, TSN

“When I moved to Canada, my main goal was to be gainfully employed in the world of sports. However, I was starting fresh with almost no connections and no experience in the industry whatsoever. I realized quickly that it takes many hours of unpaid internships, and networking with the right people to get your foot in the door. Luckily I was fortunate enough to meet Sheryl Hunt in my very first internship with the Ottawa 67’s. Sheryl is a phenomenal mentor and taught me what it took to be a successful professional in the sports industry – she exposed me to hands on real world experience in several different aspects of running a sports team, allowing me to gain valuable skills in multiple areas. This not only helped my resume, but also allowed me to discover where my true strengths lied – both invaluable when you are new to the industry and are not quite sure where to go next. I have no doubt that joining this club under Sheryl’s leadership will be a great first step (or next step) as you embark on your sports business journey. Good luck!” – Faran Mirza – Sr. Team lead, Group Experience Specialist, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

“It’s the classic Catch-22: to get the job you want you need experience, yet to get that experience you need the job. That’s where attaining a practical internship while studying becomes all-important.

Sheryl Hunt and her team with Carleton Athletics have a great success record in getting students that practical experience, and in guiding students starting their careers in sport while still studying. Perfect. There’s a plethora of quality opportunities to get involved at Carleton Athletics, and Sheryl uses an array of contacts in the city to get extra experiences, all which will add to a resume nicely.

With so many qualified candidates searching for that same entry-level job, you need practical experience. Carleton Athletics can provide that for you.” – Dave Best – Professor and Coordinator, Sport Business Management Algonquin College

“There’s nothing like real-world experience to prepare you for that first job, and life in general.

Carleton Athletics isn’t just a great varsity sports program, they’re also one of the best sports marketing organizations in Canada.  Being part of their team will expose you to all facets of the marketing task and give you first-hand experience planning, implementing and measuring results.  It’s exactly the kind of opportunity you’d create for yourself if you wanted to convince an employer that you were ready, motivated, and prepared.

You’ve got one of the best opportunities imaginable, and it’s right here at Carleton.  This is your chance to immerse yourself in a world-class learning experience that just happens to be in your own back yard.” – Robin Ritchie – Associate Professor, Sprott School of Business Carleton University

“I have known/worked with Sheryl and her team for over 10 years.  The Carleton Ravens marketing team lead the industry in brand promotion and digital channels.  Entry into the sports industry is extremely competitive – applicants need to do all that they can to stand out in order to get noticed.  Real world experience with a the Ravens marketing team would surely go a long way to ensure that your resume would stand apart in terms of seeking a job in the sports industry.” – Patrick Whalen – Founder, Extension Marketing

“It’s hard to summarize my internship with Carleton Athletics in a short paragraph, simply due to the immense mentorship and guidance that was provided. My experience working with Carleton Athletics was one of wearing many hats, interacting with various departments within Carleton U, and having direct contact with stakeholders across the athletics department. One thing I will say, is you will not be short of work to do. I personally found that to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the internship with Carleton Athletics, since far too often interns are left to handle menial and “entry level” tasks. I personally was involved in branding discussions across all varsity sports, weekly meetings with Marketing Management, budget development and coordination for game day equipment and staff along with promotional material. While being a part of game day operations and planning for the new football program, I was also working alongside coaching staff and players with Junior Ravens, and managed a team of volunteers and paid staff for varsity events. The best part of an internship with Carleton Athletics is the trust, faith, and mentorship provided by their leadership team. You can’t be shy or intimidated because they will throw you right into the fire. The management team truly wants to develop young talent that can transition into a career with Carleton. You are provided the opportunity to prove your worth and network with some very important stakeholders in the Ottawa sporting community. The Carleton Athletics internship prepared me better than any previous work or educational experience for the next chapter in my career. If I had not relocated (in large part due to my experience at Carleton), I am certain I would still be with Carleton Athletics.” – Daniel Nixon – Business Development Manager, Avazu North America