Ravens Sports Business Club

“Let’s face it, the sports industry is tough to break into.  Aside from previous personal connections, getting in without some form of actual experience is next to impossible.  Working with this club in the Ravens sport environment under the leadership of Sheryl Hunt would go a long way to getting your resume noticed.  I have known Sheryl for a long time and I think she is amazing at what she does.  Join the club and see where the experience takes you.” – James Duthie -TSN

Few fields are as sought after or as fiercely competitive as the sports industry. You need to stand out from your competition.  What is the biggest difference maker to separate you from the pack and get the attention of prospective employers? Experience.

No one understands passion for sports more than the Ravens!

The Ravens marketing team operates as a full service agency for all the varsity and recreational events and activities throughout the year.  We oversee and handle all aspects of promotion and execution for varsity game day events, content creation and publication across all digital channels, recreational program marketing, design and publication of print collateral, online and on campus merchandise outlet operation as well as securing and fulfilling external partnerships in the community.

As part of this, we also work in partnership with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group as well as the Ottawa Senators organization for our off-campus Capital Hoops Classic, Panda Game and Colonel By Classic events.

Established in 2017, the Ravens Sports Business Club provides Carleton students the opportunity to gain real world experience in the sports industry. Our members have worked on projects across all fields of interest such as content creation, partnership fulfillment, designing merchandise, running game-day initiatives and engaging fans across campus!

The next round of RSBC recruitment will take place around March.

Get to know the RSBC

What is RSBC?

  • RSBC is a sport business club for Carleton students who are passionate about sports and looking to grow their knowledge and experience of working in the sports world.

What Does Being a Member of RSBC Look Life?

  • When in RSBC you have the opportunity to work on 1 of our 6 teams and learn from industry professionals. We have a Game Day Entertainment Team, a Content Creation and Social Media Team, a Communications and Broadcast Team, a Corporate Partnerships Team, a Student Engagement/BirdGang Team, and an Online Store/Merchandising Team.

Game Day Entertainment Team

What is the RSBC Game Day Entertainment Team?

  • The RSBC Game Day Entertainment Team is responsible for executing game day entertainment at Ravens events

What Responsibilities Does the Game Day Entertainment Team Have?

  • Hype up our crowd and get them involved with the game
  • Plan and run intermission activities
  • Come up with fun game day themes and execute them

Content Creation and Social Media Team

What is the RSBC Content Creation and Social Media Team?

  • The RSBC Content Creation and Social Media Team helps brainstorm and create content for the Carleton Ravens social media accounts.

What Responsibilities Does the RSBC Content Creation and Social Media Team Have?

  • Do live coverage on Instagram and Twitter of Carleton Ravens games
  • Gather content of Ravens athletes to publish on our social channels
  • Assemble and edit content which includes graphic design and video editing

Communications and Broadcast Team

What is the RSBC Communications and Broadcast Team?

  • The RSBC Communications and Broadcast Team entails working on communications in the areas of varsity athletics, social justice, and competitive clubs. It also entails helping plan the production of the Carleton Ravens Broadcast.

What Responsibilities Does the RSBC Communications and Broadcast Team Have?

  • Speak with varsity and competitive club athletes and coaches to write stories and share content ideas
  • Research social justice issues and brainstorm content ideas
  • Aid in the planning of the Carleton Ravens broadcasts

Corporate Partnerships Team

What is the RSBC Corporate Partnerships Team?

    • The RSBC Corporate Partnerships Team is responsible for researching, securing, and working with sponsors for the Carleton Ravens.

What Responsibilities Does the Corporate Partnerships Team Have?

  • Usage and management of CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Contact sponsors and set up meetings (online and in person)
  • Prepare PowerPoint/pdf decks to present to prospective sponsors

Student Engagement/BirdGang Team

What is the RSBC Student Engagement/BirdGang Team?

  • The RSBC Student Engagement/BirdGang team is all about keeping the Carleton students involved with Carleton Athletics.

What Responsibilities Does the Student Engagement/BirdGang Team Have?

  • Gather and create content for the CUBirdGang Instagram and TikTok accounts
  • Meet with campus stakeholders and departments in Athletics to plan Ravens House Cup
  • Work with a team to brainstorm ideas for the best ways to engage students

Online Store/Merchandising

What is the Online Store/Merchandising Team?

  • The RSBC Online Store/Merchandising team is responsible for everything to do with our online store ShopRavens.ca.

What Responsibilities Does the Online Store/Merchandising Team Have?

  • Brainstorm and create merchandise ideas to be sold on ShopRavens.ca
  • Work with our supplier to make sure the website is accurate and products are available
  • Manage and analyze the back end of the website to determine how to increase sales

Do you have what it takes? Apply for an opportunity to join our 2023-24 team in March.



RSBC has given me the chance to explore and work in the exciting field of sports media. The world of sports has always been a source of joy and a true passion of mine and I’m grateful to RSBC for allowing me to help create social media content for all of Carleton’s varsity and OUA sports teams. The experiences that I’ve had with RSBC have helped me learn so much about the sports media industry while also being able to have fun and exciting interactions with athletes, coaches, and fans. The work that I’ve been able to do for RSBC has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable and I would certainly urge anyone with a passion for sports and sports media to join the team.” – Adam Coplan, 2nd year Communications and Media Studies student

“This is the best opportunity to learn about marketing and the sports business if you’re still in school. I had the chance to learn and do so much in a short amount of time during my internship. This is where I learned about my passion for video, technology, and marketing. One of the best parts of the internship was the team’s willingness to try new things; if you had an idea for a campaign, you’d have the full support of the team to execute it. My internship ended with an opportunity to work full-time as the Digital Marketing Coordinator for the department and from there I continued to learn about social media, web, and video. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to work there, without it I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge to grow into the entrepreneurial path I am currently on. This isn’t for everyone though, you need to be willing to put in the work and hustle. If you do, you’ll get so much out of it and the time you invest will continue to pay off wherever you end up in your career. Even though I don’t work there anymore, I still work with Carleton Athletics from time to time as a freelance graphic designer and video producer. Big shout-out to Sheryl Hunt who leads the marketing team there!”Rob Hyrkiel, Intern

“I was lucky to have an excellent opportunity to both fulfill my MBA internship requirement and give back to my alma mater. Working as a Sponsorship Research Assistant under the auspices of the Department of Recreation & Athletics I designed, implemented, and presented a study of foot traffic volumes and patterns at the Ravens facilities. During my work term I had the chance to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom while getting hands-on experience with data research, analytics, and visualization. I had the privilege to work under the mentorship of Sheryl Hunt who provided excellent support and guidance throughout my internship and helped me enhance my project management skills. The latter is especially valuable in my current position as a Project Manager with a marketing agency. In addition to that, I always received genuine and earnest support from everyone at Ravens including the amazing people of the marketing team who taught me a lot about how sports facilities operate and how various events and tournaments are managed. I am grateful for the amazing experience and wish the best of luck to anyone looking to join the Ravens Sports Business Club!” – Alexander Silvin, Intern

Industry professionals

“I always tell students who ask me about working in the sport industry that you need to get involved, make contacts, get experience.   Whether that is volunteering with a Host Committee organizing an event, a national/provincial sport organization or University Sport.  During my university education I interned at two different National Sport Organizations.  That is how I discovered my passion to work in sport as well it provided me the experience and references to put on a resume.   I encourage any of you who want to follow a career in sport to get involved there are many opportunities, Carleton Athletics is a great place to start.” – Jennifer Brenning – Athletics Director, Carleton University

“My internship with Carleton Athletics is the reason I am lucky enough to be working in sport. It not only gave me the hands on experience I needed to pursue a career in the world of sport, but the environment in the CU Athletics Department made every day enjoyable and kept me eager to continue working in the field. It is a dynamic and often fast-paced environment where I was given the opportunity to take ownership of projects and also work with others on bigger team-based projects. I would recommend doing an internship with CU Athletics to anyone who is interested in working in the world of sport or anyone with a desire to gain valuable real-world work experience with a fantastic team of individuals.”Graham Loyst – Coordinator, Events & Registration, Volleyball Canada

“If two resumes ended-up on my desk and one of the candidates had game-day experience with the Carleton Ravens, that person would stand out.  I’d know that they understand the planning and collaboration that goes into every game production and that they can meet tight deadlines and shift-on-the-fly when necessary.  To the untrained eye, fun things just happen.  To those in the business, it’s the show around the show on the court or the field or the ice that creates the fan experience.” – Randy Burgess – Vice President, Communications and Content, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

“Have a passion for Sports but not sure how to turn it into a career? Joining the Ravens Sports Business Club will provide you with respected hands on experience and expose you to a wide range of opportunities you may not have thought about. Working alongside creative brand managers, experienced event executors, fitness industry professionals and championship coaches will help set yourself up for a successful career. The business of sport is a very unique industry so when I am looking for a new hire, those with relevant experience are always  preferred. I know that Sheryl’s team gives students the chance to own projects and learn the challenges and opportunities associated within this competitive space, making them very valuable to hiring managers.” – Shannon Chinn – Senior Manager, Activations, TSN

“I have known/worked with Sheryl and her team for over 10 years.  The Carleton Ravens marketing team lead the industry in brand promotion and digital channels.  Entry into the sports industry is extremely competitive – applicants need to do all that they can to stand out in order to get noticed.  Real world experience with a the Ravens marketing team would surely go a long way to ensure that your resume would stand apart in terms of seeking a job in the sports industry.” – Patrick Whalen – Founder, Extension Marketing

“There’s nothing like real-world experience to prepare you for that first job, and life in general.

Carleton Athletics isn’t just a great varsity sports program, they’re also one of the best sports marketing organizations in Canada.  Being part of their team will expose you to all facets of the marketing task and give you first-hand experience planning, implementing and measuring results.  It’s exactly the kind of opportunity you’d create for yourself if you wanted to convince an employer that you were ready, motivated, and prepared.

You’ve got one of the best opportunities imaginable, and it’s right here at Carleton.  This is your chance to immerse yourself in a world-class learning experience that just happens to be in your own back yard.” – Robin Ritchie – Associate Professor, Sprott School of Business Carleton University

“It’s the classic Catch-22: to get the job you want you need experience, yet to get that experience you need the job. That’s where attaining a practical internship while studying becomes all-important.

Sheryl Hunt and her team with Carleton Athletics have a great success record in getting students that practical experience, and in guiding students starting their careers in sport while still studying. Perfect. There’s a plethora of quality opportunities to get involved at Carleton Athletics, and Sheryl uses an array of contacts in the city to get extra experiences, all which will add to a resume nicely.

With so many qualified candidates searching for that same entry-level job, you need practical experience. Carleton Athletics can provide that for you.” Dave Best – Professor and Coordinator, Sport Business Management Algonquin College